Elite and Popular Religion

Elite and Popular Religion

Edited by Kate Cooper, Jeremy Gregory


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Ecclesiastical History Society



New evaluations of the supposedly wide distinction between elite and popular forms of Christian theology and worship.
This wide-ranging volume explores and examines the complex and nuanced relationship between elite and popular Christianity, focussing on the issue of how we should define these concepts, and how useful the distinction is for the history of Christianity. Topics covered include the meaning attached to baptism in sixth-century Spain, crusading ideology, medieval and Reformation religiosity, seating arrangements in eighteenth-century churches, the reception of visual media in modern American religion, and the use of 'pop' music in the Church of England. Taken together the essays in this volume challenge conventional understandings of a simple and sharp dichotomy between elite and popular religion, instead highlighting the ways in which participants from across the social spectrum could take part in a shared religious culture - albeit often for different reasons and with different resonances - and emphasising how elements of that culture were appropriated by different social groups.

Contributors include David D'Avray, Eamon Duffy, David Brading, Sheridan Gilley, Trevor Johnson, David Morgan, and Eamonn O'Carrigan.


August 2006
11 black and white illustrations
456 pages
21.6x13.8 cm
Studies in Church History
ISBN: 9780954680923
Format: Hardback
Ecclesiastical History Society
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Table of Contents

Elites and Baptism: Religious `Strategies of Distinction' in Visigothic Spain - Jaime Wood
At Once Elitist and Popular: the Audiences of the Bewcastle and Ruthwell Crosses - Eamonn O'Carragain
Elite Reform and Popular Heresy in c.1000: `Revitalization Movements' as a Model for Understanding Religious Dissidence Historically - Claire Taylor
Elite and Popular perceptions of the Imitatio Christi in Twelfth-Century Crusade Spirituality - William Purkis
Narrative, Audience and the Negotiation of Community in Twelfth-Century English miracle Collections - Simon Yarrow
Elite and Popular Superstitions in the Exempla of Stephen of Bourbon - Catherine Rider
Superior Spirituality versus Popular Piety in Late-Medieval England - A K McHardy
Knights, Cooks, Monks and Tourists: Elite and Popular Experience of the Late-Medieval Jerusalem Pilgrimage - Katherine Beebe
Cisterian Nuns in Medieval England: Unofficial Meets Official - Elizabeth Freeman
The Most Traversed Bridge: a Reconsideration of Elite and Popular Religion in Late Medieval England - Salvador Ryan
Prayer and Participation in Late Medieval England - Robert N Swanson
Elite and Popular Religion: the Book of Hours and Lay Piety in the Later Middle Ages - Eamon Duffy
Popular and Elite Religion: Feastdays and Preaching - David D'Avray
From Royal Prayer Books to Common Prayers: Religious Practices in Late Medieval and Early Modern Poland - Urszula Borkowska
Poets, Peasants, and Pamphlets: Who Wrote and Who Read Reformation Flugschriften - David Bagchi
Some Italian Vernacular Religious Books, their Authors and their readers, 1543-8 - Patrick Preston
`Everyone Should Be Like the People': Elite and Popular Religion and the Counter Reformation - Trevor Johnson
Martin Marprelate and the Popular Voice - Brian Cummings
Divine Idea and `Our Mother': Elite and Popular Understanding in the Cult of Our Lady of Guadalupe of Mexico - David A Brading
Piety and Poisoning in Restoration Plymouth - Peter Marshall
Paternalism and Roman Catholicism: the English Catholic Elite in the Long Eighteenth Century - Sally Jordan
Rural Religion and the Politeness of Parsons: the Church of England in South Warwickshire, c.1689-c..1820 - Colin Haydon
`...This Congregation Here Present...': Seating in Parish Churches during the Long Eighteenth Century - W. M. Jacob
Indefinite Success: Religion and Culture in Eighteenth-Century Geneva - Linda M Kirk
Ulster Presbyterianism as a Popular Religious Culture, 1750-1860 - Andrew Holmes
Elitist Leadership and Congregational Participation among Early Plymouth Bretheren - Timothy C. F. Stunt
Popular and Elite Religion, the Church and Devotional Control - Sheridan W Gilley
Elite and Popular religion in the Religious Census of 30 March 1851 - John Wolffe
Elite and Popular Religion: the Case of Newman - Dermot Fenlon
The Bolton Prelude to Port Sunlight: W. H. Lever (1851-1925) as Patron and Paternalist - Clyde Binfield
The Romance of the Slum: Gender and Cross-Class Comunication of Religious Belief, 1880-1920 - Mary Clare Martin
Seeing Protestant Icons: the Popular Reception of Visual Media in Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century America - David Morgan
Anglican `Establishment' Reactions to `Pop` Church Music in England, 1956-c.1990 - Ian Jones
Anglican `Establishment' Reactions to `Pop` Church Music in England, 1956-c.1990 - Peter Webster


A volume of lively essays which interrogates the value of one of religious history's most durable, and pernicious, binaries. ARCHIVES

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