El Teatro en Badajoz: 1860-1886

January 1998
360 pages
23.4x15.6 cm
Fuentes para la historia del Teatro en España
ISBN: 9781855660557
Format: Paperback

El Teatro en Badajoz: 1860-1886

Cartelera y estudio

Angel Suárez Muñoz

Catalogue, with full introduction, of theatrical performances in Badajoz in the latter part of the nineteenth century.
This volume catalogues performances in Badajoz, briefly between 1860 and 1863, and fully from 1864, when the newspaper La crónica de Badajoz, a basic source for the whole work, was founded. The catalogue concludes with the inauguration of the newTeatro López de Ayala in 1886. The introduction analyses information on theatres, repertory companies and theatre business.


This impressive study fills the void of our knowledge about theatrical activity in a city where, and at a time when, it was extremely popular... Once again Tamesis has cast light on an area of theatre history which had been in total darkness. BULLETIN OF HISPANIC STUDIESA good example of how the intesnive study of a significant locality can illuminate the development of (cultural) history. MODERN LANGUAGE REVIEW

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