El Ataúd para el Vivo y el Tálamo para el Muerto

March 1994
159 pages
24x17 cm
Textos B
ISBN: 9781855660199
Format: Paperback

El Ataúd para el Vivo y el Tálamo para el Muerto

Andrés de Claramonte

Edited by Alfredo Rodríguez López-Vázquez

Second in Tamesis series of editions plays by 17c actor-dramatist.
Alfredo Rodrííguez Lóópez-Váázquez has, in recent years, devoted himself to the revaluation of the works of the seventeenth-century actor-dramatist Andréés de Claramonte. In 1991 Tamesis published his edition of a mujer. In the present volume the Spanish critic provides a text of Et ataud para el vivo y táálamo para el muerto (The Coffin for the Living and the Bridal Bed for the Dead), a play which exists in two manuscripts and a printed text which dates from the eighteenth century. In this critical edition Professor Rodrííguez Lóópez-Vázquez studies the complicated transmission of the text and the sources of the dramatist as a whole. Variant readings are provided in footnotes, and explanatory notes are printed at the end of the text.
ALFREDO RODRGUES LÐPEZ-VAZQUEZ is Professor of Spanish Literature at the Universidade da Coruñña.

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