Eichendorff's Scholarly Reception

Eichendorff's Scholarly Reception

A Survey

Edited by Robert O. Goebel


Camden House



A survey of criticism of the 19th-century German writer Joseph von Eichendorff (1788-1857)
Until the 1950s most critics tended to treat Eichendorff as a kind of light-hearted raconteur who spun tales of warmth and action having little aesthetic or philosophical depth. Critics who read his works more closely then began to view him as a thinker whose works concealed, behind seemingly simpler constructs, profound insights into the human condition. Marxist critics were especially drawn to Memoirs of a Good-for-Nothing, finding in that ostensibly frivolous novella a romantic critique of capitalism.
This work, the first thorough survey of Eichendorff criticism in any language, and written for the general reader of literature as well as the specialist, is a must for college and university libraries.


January 1994
160 pages
22x15 in
Literary Criticism in Perspective
ISBN: 9781879751354
Format: Hardback
Camden House
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"A strength of this book is that it covers the reception of the full range of Eichendorff's output, including lyric poetry and verse epics, novels and Novellen, dramas, translations from the Spanish, autobiographical writings and literary histories. Goebel underlines the point that Eichendorff-scholarship has been hampered by the lack of a definitive critical edition. One important result of this is that research has tended to be compartmentalised." FORUM FOR MODERN LANGUAGE STUDIES

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