Edinburgh German Yearbook 1

Edinburgh German Yearbook 1

Cultural Exchange in German Literature

Edited by Eleoma Joshua, Robert Vilain


Camden House



The influence of foreign cultures on German literature and other cultural productions since the 18th century.
The Edinburgh German Yearbook is devoted to German Studies in an international context. It publishes original English- and German-language contributions on a wide range of topics from scholars around the world. Each volume is based on a single broad theme: the first includes papers from the highly successful conference Kennst du das Land: Cultural Exchange in German Literature, held in Edinburgh in December 2006, supplemented by additional essays. The conviction that German culture and the German spirit are triumphantly unique has played a notorious role in Germany's history. It is nonetheless acknowledged that German literature has been significantly influenced by non-German sources, and the search for what is unique about Germany and German literature must incorporate an awareness of these. This volume provides a wide-ranging investigation into how German literature from the 18th century to the present day reflects interactions between German and non-German cultures. Alongside theoretical and historical reflections on the nature of cultural exchange, contributions explore literary reception, the boundaries of and movement between cultures, and Germany's literary, political, cultural, and religious relations with both near neighbors and far-flung cultural interlocutors.

Contributoers: Christian Moser, Birgit Tautz, Silvia Horsch, Eleoma Joshua, Gauti Kristmannsson, Sabine Wilke, Daniela Krämer, Jon Hughes, Thomas Martinec, Margaret Litter, Lyn Marven, Dirk Göttsche, Susanne Kord

Eleoma Joshua is Lecturer in German at Edinburgh University. Robert Vilain is Professor of German and Comparative Literature at Royal Holloway, University of London. The journal's General Editor is Sarah Colvin, Professor of German at Edinburgh University.

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October 2007
214 pages
9x6 in
Edinburgh German Yearbook
ISBN: 9781571133601
Format: Hardback
Camden House
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Table of Contents

Introduction - Eleoma Joshua
Defining Cultural Exchange: Of Gender, the Power of Definition, and the Long Road Home - Susanne Kord
From Text to Body: The Changing Image of "Chinese Teachers" in Eighteenth-Century German Literature - Birgit Tautz
"Was findest Du darinne, das nicht mit der allerstrengsten Vernunft übereinkomme?": Islam as Natural Theology in Lessing's Writings and in the Enlightenment Enlightenment - Silvia Horsch
The Nordic Turn in German Literature - Gauti Kristmannsson
Cultural Exchange in the Travel Writing of Friedrich Stolberg - Eleoma Joshua
Aneignung, Verpflanzung, Zirkulation: Johann Gottfried Herders Konzeption des interkulturellen Austauschs - Christian Moser
"Wandeln an der Grenze": Trapper und andere hybride Charaktere in der deutschsprachigen Amerikaliteratur des 19. Jahrhunderts - Daniela Kramer
"Sprechen wir wie in Texas": American Influence and the Idea of America in the Weimar Republic - Jon Hughes
"Deutschland lebt an der Nahtstelle, an der Bruchstelle": The Utopia of Cultural Blending in Wolfgang Koeppen's Tauben im Gras - Thomas Martinec
Colonial Legacies and Cross-Cultural Experience: The African Voice in Contemporary German Literature - Dirk Göttsche
Anatolian Childhoods: Becoming Woman in Özdamar's Das Leben ist eine Karawanserei and Zaimoglu's Leyla - Margaret Littler
"Kanacke her, Almanci hin. [...] Ich war ein Kreuzberger": Berlin in Contemporary Turkish-German Literature - Lyn Marven

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