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The Clergy in Early Modern Scotland

Edited by Chris R. Langley, Catherine E. McMillan and Russell Newton

The Colonial Landscape of the British Caribbean

Edited by Roger Leech and Pamela Leech

Contesting Orthodoxies in the History of Christianity

Edited by Ellie Gebarowski-Shafer, Ashley Null and Alec Ryrie

Erasmus Darwin's Gardens

by Paul A. Elliott

The Fifteenth Century XVIII

Edited by Linda Clark and Peter W Fleming

Henry VIII and Martin Luther

Edited by Richard Rex

The Jacobite Duchess

by Frances Nolan

Maritime Kent Through the Ages

Edited by Stuart Bligh and Sheila Sweetinburgh

Medieval and Early Modern Murder

Edited by Larissa Tracy

Music and Instruments of the Elizabethan Age

Edited by Michael Fleming and Christopher Page