Early Modern Kent 1540-1640

November 2000
15 black and white, 2 line illustrations
362 pages
23.4x15.6 cm
Kent History Project
ISBN: 9780851155852
Format: Hardback
Boydell Press
BISAC HIS015000, REL015000

Early Modern Kent 1540-1640

Edited by Michael Zell

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Aspects of Kent history from Henry VIII to Charles I: politics, economics, agriculture, society, religion - and witchcraft.
An immensely useful volume. HISTORY Kent was at the heart of the nation's history during the period of the Reformation, the reign of Queen Elizabeth I and the decades leading up to the English Civil Wars. This specially commissioned new history offers an accessible but scholarly introduction to the county's history during a century of extraordinary developments. It covers the county's evolution from Henry VIII to Charles I, addressing local political, economic and industrial change in the context of the larger national picture, and highlighting the striking diversity of the county's farming systems and landscapes, both urban and rural. The progress of the Protestant Reformation and its wider consequences for the common people as well as the gentry of Kent are studied in depth. There is also a challenging new interpretation of the origins and growth of political differences among the governors of Kent, which led ultimately to the civil strife of the 1640s. Finally, there is a detailed look at witchcraft and witch-hunting in Kent between the reign of Elizabethan and the Civil War period. MICHAEL ZELL is lecturer in history at the University of Greenwich. Contributors: PATRICIA HYDE, MICHAEL L. ZELL, JOAN THIRSK, JANE ANDREWES, JACQUELINE BOWER, MALCOLM J. GASKILL, JACQUELINE EALES.

Table of Contents

Governing the County (with Michael Zell) - Patricia Hyde
Governing the County (with Patricia Hyde) - Michael L Zell
Landholding and the Land Market in Early Modern Kent -
Agriculture in Kent, 1540-1640 -
Industries in Kent, c.1500-1640 - Jane Andrewes
Kent Towns, 1540-1640 - Jacqueline Bower
The Coming of Religious Reform -
The Establishment of a Protestant Church -
Witches and Witchcraft Prosecutions, 1560-1660 - Malcolm J Gaskill
The Rise of Ideological Politics in Kent, 1558-1640 - Jacqueline S Eales


A valuable addition to the understanding of early modern England in a time of change. RENAISSANCE QUARTERLY An immensely useful volume. HISTORY Warmly welcomed as an important contribution both to the history of Kent and to that of early modern England... an impressive team vcover between them most of the key topics... ENGLISH HISTORICAL REVIEW

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