Key words, concepts, and texts all gather new force – and encounter new obstacles – as they move between languages, cultures, and societies. Translatio explores translation between languages in relation to other migrations – of peoples, objects, and practices; images, forms, and media – across the continents and islands of the medieval and early modern world. It treats translation as the basis, then and now, for a rethinking of the humanities. It welcomes research that not only relates to the translational but also calls that concept into question. It encourages submissions that in this way challenge, realign, and remake the disciplines of the humanities, and which unsettle their established geographical and historical boundaries, including the period categories – ‘medieval’ and ‘early modern’ – offered as points of departure for the series as a whole. By publishing work in a range of formats – including monographs, long and short; new, facing-page English translations of primary texts; and multi-authored collections – the series aims to harness both the critical and creative possibilities of the translational humanities.

General Editor

Richard Scholar, Professor of French, Durham University, UK (

Series Editors

Sven Dupré, Professor of History of Art, Science, and Technology (Utrecht University, Netherlands), Rebecca Gould, Professor of the Islamic World and Comparative Literature (University of Birmingham, UK), Sarah Knight, Professor of Renaissance Literature (University of Leicester, UK), Carla Nappi, Professor of History (University of Pittsburgh, USA)