Domesday Names

Domesday Names

An Index of Latin Personal and Place Names in Domesday Book

K.S.B. Keats-Rohan, David E. Thornton


Boydell Press



First-ever full index to people and place-names in Domesday in their original forms.
Presented here is the first complete, all Latin index to the Domesday Book, comprising two Indices Personarum and one Index Locorum. The main Index Personarumcontains all references to people: named individuals, title-holders, and `institutions' (collections of persons functioning as individual landholders in the Domesday text); individuals are listed alphabetically under the initial letter of their forename, while `institutions' are entered under the place where they are located. The second, shorter Index Personarum lists all people alphabetically under their surname. In both indexes the exact Latin forms given in Domesday Book and all variant spellings have been retained.
The Index Locorumlists all place-names in Domesday, except where linked to an `institution': the names of administrative units have been incorporated alphabetically into this index with the appropriate term added after the name. Cross-references to other counties have also been included. Again, the Latin form in the Domesday text is given exactly. References are to the 1783 Farley and more recent Phillimore editions.
Dr K.S.B. KEATS-ROHANis Director of the Linacre Unit for Prosopographical Research; DAVID THORNTONis Assistant Professor in the Department of History, Bilkent University, Ankara.


December 1997
542 pages
23.4x15.6 cm
ISBN: 9780851154299
Format: Hardback
Boydell Press
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An index of Domesday Book in three parts: personal names, surnames, and place names. For any one of these, onomasts might well be grateful... The clear referencing to standard editions of DB and comprehensive coverage of the names make this a valuable resource. MEDIUM AEVUM

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