Discipline and Diversity

Discipline and Diversity

Papers Read at the 2005 Summer Meeting and the 2006 Winter Meeting of the Ecclesiastical History Society

Edited by Kate Cooper, Jeremy Gregory


Ecclesiastical History Society



New essays on a central dichotomy of history and theology, the need to reconcile the diversity of the Church with a unifying discipline.
The tension between 'Discipline and Diversity' is perennial within the history of Christianity, and this volume explores the variety of strategies across the history of Christianity for reconciling these apparently polar tendencies. Ranging in period from the early Church to contemporary British and global Christianity, these essays discover both contrasts and continuities in how Christian communities have structured the relationship between those in authority, responsible for the pursuit of Christian unity, and those 'on the ground', whose energies are both the source of Christian vitality and of the Church's ability to engage creatively with pastoral reality. Topics covered comprise theology and high politics on the one hand and 'grass-roots' realities on the other, from definitions of heresy, the Inquisition, and monastic discipline to the issues of canon law, marriage, and religious attitudes to domestic violence. Central, recurring questions are explored, including: how were orthodoxy, conformity and discipline defined and enforced? What role did written texts play in imposing or subverting the dominant order? What were the tensions between the needs of the Church and the needs on the state? How successful were attempts to stifle the impulses of diversity, and what did it take for these impulses to be perceived as divinely inspired? Contributors include: AVERIL CAMERON, GILLIAN CLARK, FRANCES KNIGHT, PETER MARSHALL, MIRI RUBIN, NIGEL SMITH, STEPHEN SYKES


July 2007
448 pages
21.6x13.8 cm
Studies in Church History
ISBN: 9780954680930
Format: Hardback
Ecclesiastical History Society
BIC HBJD1, 1D, 2AB, 3F
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Table of Contents

Enforcing Orthodoxy in Byzantium - Averil Cameron
An Exegesis of Conformity: Textual Subversion of Subversive Texts - Matthew Steenberg
Hippolytus and the Cabbage Question: beyond Acceptable Discipline and Diversity - Christine Trevett
The Canons of Antioch - C. W. B. Stephens
Imperial Law or the Councils of the Church? Theodosius I and the Imposition of Doctrinal Uniformity - David Hunt
Patristic Divergences about the Image of God in Man - Stuart George Hall
Rod, Line and Net: Augustine on the Limits of Diversity - Gillian Clark
Council Proceedings and Juridical Process: the Cases of Aquileia (AD 381) and Ephesus - Thomas Grauman
`Ad sedem episcopalem reddantur': Bishops, Monks, and Monasteries in the Diocese of Worcester in the Eighth Century - Martin J. Ryan
Taming the Muse: Monastic Discipline and Christian Poetry in Hermann of Riechenau's `On the Eight Principal Vices' - Hannah Williams
Varieties of Monastic Discipline in Southern Italy during the Eleventh and Twelfth Centuries - G. A. Loud
Kings, Bishops and Incest: Extension and Subversion of the Ecclesiastical Marriage Jursdiction around 1100 - Christof Rolker
Discipline and the `Rule of Basil' in Walter Daniel's `Life of Aielred of Rievaulx' - Michele Moatt
`Tempering the wind...': Moderation and Discretion in Late Twelfth-Century Papal Decretals - Anne J. Duggan
`Danger, Stupidity, and Infidelity': Magic and Discipline in John Bromyard's `Summa for Preachers' - Catherine Rider
Discipline and Diversity in the Medieval English Sunday - Diana Wood
Mary and the Question of Discipline - Miri Rubin
The Dangers of Diversity: Heresy and Authority in the 1405 Case of John Edward - Ian Forrest
Defining Heresies: Catholic Heresiologies, 1520-50 - David Bagchi
In Defence of Magisterial Reformation: Martin Bucer's Writings against the Spiritualists, 1535 - Philip Broadhead
Religious Exiles and the Tudor State - Peter Marshall
Thomas Walbot: the Last `Freewiller' in Elizabethan England? - Brett Usher
Disciplined Disobedience? Women and the Survival of Catholicism in the North York Moors in the Reign of Elizabeth I - Emma Watson
Discipline and Domestic Violence in Edinburgh, 1560-1625 - Melissa Hollander
Literature and Church Discipline in Early Modern England: Making the Obvious Interesting - Nigel Smith
`Contrarie to the Directorie': Presbyterians and People in Lancashire, 1646-53 - Alex Craven
`The clergy who affect to call themselves orthodox': Thomas Secker and the Defence of Anglican Orthodoxy, 1758-68 - Robert G. Ingram
Disciplining Diversity: the Roman Inquisition and Social Control in Malta, 1743-98 - Frans Ciappara
Charles Haddon Spurgeon, the Pastors' College and the Downgrade Controversy - I M Randall
Discipline and Comprehensiveness: the Church of England and Prayer Book Reversion in the 1920s -
Discipline in Dispute: the Origins and Early History of the Methodist Sacramental Fellowship - Martin Wellings
`A Church without discipline is no Church at all': Discipline and Diversity in Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Anglicanism - Frances M.R. Knight
The Anglican Experience of Authority - Stephen Sykes

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