Death and Dissent: Two Fifteenth-Century Chronicles

Death and Dissent: Two Fifteenth-Century Chronicles

The Dethe of the Kynge of Scotis, translated by John Shirley; `Warkworth's Chronicle': the Chronicle attributed to John Warkworth, Master of Peterhouse, Cambridge

Edited by Lister M. Matheson


Boydell Press



Edition of fifteenth-century chronicles providing important evidence for contemporary events, including the Wars of the Roses.
This edition makes available for the first time to a wider audience two historically important fifteenth-century English chronicles, with full scholarly apparatus and comprehensive introductions. The Dethe of the Kynge of Scotis gives full and graphic accounts of the murder of James I of Scotland in 1437, and the subsequent executions of his assassins; translated from a lost Latin narrative by John Shirley, it is edited from the only full text that has survived. `Warkworth's Chronicle', usually ascribed erroneously to John Warkworth, master of Peterhouse, Cambridge, is a frequently-cited source for events in the Wars of the Roses between 1461 and 1473, and gives a contemporary assessment of the supposed murders of Edward, Prince of Wales, and of Henry VI by Richard of Gloucester.

Professor LISTER M. MATHESON taught at Michigan State University.


March 1999
167 pages
23.4x15.6 cm
Medieval Chronicles
ISBN: 9780851157252
Format: Hardback
Boydell Press
BIC HBLC1, 1D, 2AB, 3H
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Shed significant light on contemporary views of political events... a worthy addition to the modern editions of primary source materials that are now stimulating so much new historical research. SPECULUM

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