De Quincey Reviewed

De Quincey Reviewed

Thomas De Quincey's Critical Reception, 1821-1994

Julian [Ms.] North


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A readable and scholarly guide to the critical reception of De Quincey.
Julian North's De Quincey Reviewed is the first book to chart the history of De Quincey's critical reception, from the 1820s to the present. It discusses the fluctuations of his reputation in the course of his successive critical reincarnations — as madman, aesthete, fin-de-siècle degenerate, modernist, and imperialist. New insight is given into his significance as a focus for key critical controversies and movements: the Victorian critique of autobiography and style; the debate over literature and addiction; and twentieth-century phenomenological criticism.


August 1997
192 pages
22.8x15.2 in
Literary Criticism in Perspective
ISBN: 9781571130723
Format: Hardback
Camden House
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"Supplies the need for a readable and scholarly guide to De Quincey criticism, with full accounts of much 19th-century criticism which is not readily available. . . . A benchmark publication adhering to the highest standards of literary scholarship." MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW

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