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Land Tenure Security

Edited by Svein Ege

Tanzanian Development

Edited by David Potts

Imperialism and Development

by Nicholas Westcott

Open Access

Contested Sustainability

Edited by Stefano Ponte, Christine Noe and Dan Brockington

Transport Corridors in Africa

Edited by Hugh Lamarque and Paul Nugent

Inside Mining Capitalism

Edited by Benjamin Rubbers

Electricity in Africa

by Christopher Gore


India's Development Diplomacy & Soft Power in Africa

Edited by Kenneth King and Meera Venkatachalam

Land, Investment & Politics

Edited by Jeremy Lind, Doris Okenwa and Ian Scoones

Nairobi in the Making

by Constance Smith

General Labour History of Africa

Edited by Stefano Bellucci and Andreas Eckert