Critique of Beckett Criticism

June 1994
200 pages
22.8x15.2 in
Literary Criticism in Perspective
ISBN: 9781879751934
Format: Hardback
Camden House

Critique of Beckett Criticism

[A A Guide to Research in English, French and German

P.J. Murphy, Werner Huber, Rolf Breuer, Konrad Schoell

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A survey of Beckett criticism in English, French and German.
Samuel Beckett (1906-1989) is an important figure in 20th century literary history: his plays, such as Waiting for Godot and Endgame, have acquired a world-wide reputation, and his novels have proved important touchstones for the critical debates in contemporary literary theory. Born in Dublin, Beckett spent most of his writing life in France and wrote equally well in French and English; his German was also fluent, allowing him to direct his own plays in German theatres. Any attempt to deal with Beckett must therefore consider the critical response his works have provoked in all three languages. A Critique of Beckett Criticism is the first attempt in book form to give a comprehensive survey of the history and scope of Beckett criticism in French, English, and German. Three parallel chapters examine the three major strands of Beckett criticism, retracing its development using a historical perspective and pointing out different trends, currents and fashions in opinion. Directions for further research are also suggested.
P.J. MURPHY is a lecturer in contemporary British literature at the University College of the Cariboo, British Columbia; WERNER HUBER is a professor of English literature at Chemnitz University of Technology; ROLF BREUER is professor of English literature at the University of Paderborn; KONRAD SCHOELL is professor of French literature at the Pädagogische Hochschule Erfurt.


"This volume forms an invaluable adjunct to the ongoing (if irregular) series of surveys of Beckett criticism offered in the Journal of Beckett Studies. . . . [It] will be mandatory reading for graduate students and younger scholars, while established critics will find checking their own rankings and gossiping about those of their colleagues irresistible." SOUTH ATLANTIC REVIEW
"The bibliography is a milestone in Beckett research and should be in every library." ZEITSCHRIFT FUER FRANZOESISCHE SPRACHE UND LITERATUR

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