Court, Country and Culture

Court, Country and Culture

Essays on Early Modern British History in Honor of Perez Zagorin

Edited by Bonnelyn Young Kunze, Dwight D. Brautigam


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University of Rochester Press



Essays exploring the political, intellectual and cultural history of England during the early modern period.
Focusing on the political, intellectual, and cultural context of Englandin the early modern period (14th century to 18th century), these timelystudies explore political theory and the English Revolution, the revisionist debates over the court and the country, and the role of Laudian policies in the years prior to the Civil War. The volume also explores aristocratic rule in 17th century England as compared to that of the Polish Commonwealth, the resonance of political events in literary culture, Hobbes's theory of passions, the role of the gentle apprentice in London, and the problem of religious dissent in the 17th century. Contributors include: PAUL SEAVER, PAOLO PASQUALUCCI, WILLIAM HUNT, GORDON SCHOCKET, LINDA PECK, EDWARD HUNDERT, JOHN GUY, ANTONIO D'ANDREA, WILLIAM DRAY, JOSEPH LEVINE, PETER LAKE, DWIGHT BRAUTIGAM and BONNELYN YOUNG KUNZE.

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June 1992
1 black and white illustrations
267 pages
22.8x15.2 in
ISBN: 9781878822055
Format: Hardback
University of Rochester Press
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A fine tribute to a great scholar. HISTORY (US)