Boydell & Brewer has an extensive catalogue of paperback titles perfect for classroom use! If you’d like a desk or exam copy, please see our course adoption page. Many of our titles are also available in affordable ebook versions through our website or your favorite ebook vendor. Don’t forget that you can also ask your library about collective licensing options for class materials.
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Beethoven's Lives

by Lewis Lockwood

Claude Debussy

by François Lesure

Translated by Marie Rolf

Composing for Japanese Instruments

by Minoru Miki

Translated by Marty Regan

Edited by Philip Flavin

Conducting for a New Era

by Edwin Roxburgh

The Event of Music History

by J. P. E. Harper-Scott

Inside Conducting

by Christopher Seaman

Medieval Cantors and their Craft

Edited by Katie Ann-Marie Bugyis, A. B. Kraebel and Margot E. Fassler

Medieval English Lyrics and Carols

Edited by Thomas G. Duncan

Music in Educational Thought and Practice

by Bernarr Rainbow and Gordon Cox

With Gordon Cox

Music in Vienna

by David Wyn Jones

The Operas of Sergei Prokofiev

by Christina Guillaumier

The Percussionist's Art

by Steven Schick

Piano-Playing Revisited

by David Breitman

The Pleasure of Modernist Music

Edited by Arved Ashby

The Poetic Debussy

Edited by Margaret G. Cobb

by Richard Miller

Translated by Richard Miller

The Raga Guide

Edited by Joep Bor

The Rameau Compendium

by Graham Sadler

The Rosary Cantoral

by Lorenzo Candelaria

Speaking the Piano

by Susan Tomes

A Theory of Music Analysis

by Dora A. Hanninen

The Vivaldi Compendium

by Michael Talbot

Walking with Asafo in Ghana

by Ama Oforiwaa Aduonum