Contemporary Hispanic Cinema

August 2013
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Contemporary Hispanic Cinema

Interrogating the Transnational in Spanish and Latin American Film

Edited by Stephanie Dennison

This collection of original essays focuses on the cross-currents and points of contact among Spain, Portugal and Latin America and their impact on the regions' film industries.
This book focuses on the cross-currents and points of contact in film production among so-called Hispanic countries (Spain, Portugal and Latin America), and in particular the impact that co-production and supranational funding initiatives are having on both the film industries and the films of Latin America in the twenty-first century. Together with chapters that discuss and further develop transnational approaches to reading films in the Hispanic and Latin American context, the volume includes chapters that focus on funding initiatives, such as IBERMEDIA, that are aimed at Spain, Portugal and Latin America. An analysis of such initiatives facilitates a nuanced discussion of the range of meanings afforded to the term transnationalism: from the workings of those driven by economic imperatives, such as co-productions and 'Hispanic' film festivals, to the cultural, for example the invention of a marketable 'Latinamericaness' in Spain, or a 'Hispanic aesthetic' elsewhere.

Stephanie Dennison is Reader in Brazilian Studies at the University of Leeds

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Table of Contents

Editor's Introduction - Stephanie Dennison
National, Transnational and Post-national:Issues in Contemporary Film-making in the Hispanic World - Stephanie Dennison
Redefining Transnational Cinemas:A Transdisciplinary Perspective - Libia Villazana
Deconstructing and Reconstructing 'Transnational Cinema' - Deborah Shaw
Ibero-Latin American Co-productions: Transnational Cinema, Spain's Public Relations Venture or Both? - Tamara Falicov
Building Latin American Cinema in Europe: Cine en Construcción/ Cinéma en construction - Nuria Triana-Toribio
Pedro Almodóvar's Latin-American 'Business' - Marvin D'Lugo
Transnational Film Financing and Contemporary Peruvian Cinema: The Case of Josué Méndez - Sarah Barrow
The Silenced Screen: Fostering a Film Industry in Paraguay - Catherine Leen
Finance and Co-productions in Brazil - Alessandra Meleiro
Epilogue - Stephanie Dennison
Works Cited - Stephanie Dennison


This volume offers an insightful synthesis of the cross currents and co-operation in film production between Latin America and the Iberian Peninsula..a useful book for university students, especially at honours level, and for some academics working in this area. I would expect it to fall into the category of recommended reading, particularly for courses dealing with Hispanic and Latin-American cinema in both departments of Hispanic Studies and Comparative Literature. BULLETIN OF SPANISH VISUAL STUDIES

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