Collected Poems

February 2001
320 pages
23.4x15.6 cm
ISBN: 9780852555736
Format: Hardback
James Currey

Collected Poems

R.N. Currey

Introduction by Ronald Blythe

R.N. Currey's poetry records what happens to men in war and life.
This is a collection of poems by the poet and writer R.N. Currey. Born in Mafeking in 1907, R.N. Currey was a soldier, poet and at one time a school teacher in Colchester.

R.N. Currey is a poet who has pleased poets: T.S. Eliot told him in 1945 that his collection This Other Planet was 'the best war poetry I have seen in these last six years'; Dylan Thomas was so taken with the wit of 'Pelican, St James's Park' that he recited it from memory on a traffic island in front of the BBC just after he had met R.N. Currey for the first time; Roy Campbell, Guy Butler and Jack Cope claimed his work for South Africa.

Keywords: African Studies


Until now, R.N. Currey's reputation has depended too much on the handful of poems which appear in anthologies (for instance, 'Unseen Fire' from This Other Planet) and one hopes that this collection will change that. - C.J. Driver in THE TIMES LITERARY SUPPLEMENT