April 1993
429 pages
23.4x15.6 cm
Arthurian Studies
ISBN: 9780859913836
Format: Hardback
Fully annotated edition, in French, of late 12c Arthurian romance.
Cligés is generally thought to be the second of Chrétien's Arthurian romances, probably written between 1185-87. This critical edition of Cligésis the first since Wendelin Foerster's in (1884) to take account of all the manuscripts. Based on the Guiot manuscript, it contains many emendations, producing a text closer to that of Chrétien's original. Variant apparatus, notes, glossary, and editorial comment on the manuscripts accompany the text.

STEWART GREGORY is in the Department of French, Leicester University; the late CLAUDE LUTTRELL was formerly in the Department of English at the same university, and is known for his books and articles on 12c French Arthurian romance.


Represent[s] the first truly critical edition... almost impossible to fault. MEDIUM AEVUM
The text is beautifully presented. This new edition will be a useful addition to the libraries of Chretien scholars...providing a text which sets out to remedy the inadequacies of the CFMA edition...a useful service in stimulating interest in this underrated romance. FRENCH STUDIES

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