Chartier in Europe

September 2008
228 pages
23.4x15.6 cm
ISBN: 9781843841760
Format: Hardback
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Chartier in Europe

Edited by Emma Cayley, Ashby Kinch

The significance of the works of Alain Chartier in the development of European literature.
Chartier in Europe is the first sustained enquiry into the distinctive influence of the fifteenth-century French poet and diplomat, Alain Chartier, on the reading and writing cultures of England, Italy, Scotland, and Spain, as well as France. Opening with essays that assess Chartier's own construction of an authoritative voice, the volume then analyses the transmission and reception context of his Latin and French prose and poetry, and examines the ways in which the translation of his work into other vernaculars shaped his burgeoning reputation. Established and younger scholars from the fields of English, French, History, Scottish and Hispanic studies build a cross-disciplinary approach that illuminates Chartier's importance not only in the realm of French literature but in the evolution of a wider European literature. In addition, Chartier in Europe presents a full bibliography of published work on Chartier and includes a foreword by James Laidlaw, the first modern editor of Chartier's complete French poetical works.

EMMA CAYLEY is Senior Lecturer in French at the University of Exeter; ASHBY KINCH is Associate Professor of English Literature at the University of Montana.

OTHER CONTRIBUTORS: Barbara K. Altmann, Julia Boffey, Florence Bouchet, William Calin, Douglas Kelly, James Laidlaw, Joan E. McRae, Catherine Nall, Clara Pascual-Argente, Dana Symons.

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Table of Contents

Boethius as Model for Rewriting Sources in Alain Chartier's Livre de l'Esperance - Douglas Kelly
"Voix Dei, vox poetae": The Bible in the Quadrilogue invectif - Florence Bouchet
"Car rompre vault pis que ployer": Proverbial Pleasure in La Belle Dame sans mercy - Dana Symons
Alain Chartier's Livre des Quatres Dames and the Mechanics of Allegory - Barbara K Altmann
"Ainchois maintien des dames la querelle": Poetry, Politics, and Mastery in the Manuscript Tradition of Alain Chartier - Emma Cayley
Cyclification and the Circulation of the Querelle de la Belle Dame sans mercy - Joan McRae
The Early Reception of Chartier's Works in England and Scotland - Julia Boffey
From Invectivo to Inventivo: Reading Chartier's Quadrilogue invectif in Fifteenth-Century Castille - Clara Pascual-Argente
William Worcester Reads Alain Chartier: Le Quadrilogue invectif and its English Readers - Catherine Nall
The dit amoureux, Alain Chartier, and the Belle Dame sans mercy Cycle in Scotland: John Rolland's The Court of Venus of Venus - William Calin
"La Crudele in amore": Carlo del Nero Reads La Belle Dame sans mercy - Ashby Kinch


[C]e volume présente d'intéressantes s études de cas. Alain Chartier y est révélé non seulement comme un poète toujours soucieux de lier la poésie à l'actualité, mais aussi comme un maitre à penser d'ouvrir. LES LETTRES ROMANES

An important and welcome addition to the ongoing reassessment of the fifteenth-century French poet and diplomat Alain Chartier. [...] The cumulative effect of this wide-ranging cross-disciplinary collection is not only to demonstrate Chartier's broad and deep importance for fifteenth-century European literature, but also to contribute a significant building block to the ongoing project of rehabilitating the fifteenth century itself. These concise but rich essays are without exception well-written, solidly argued, free of hyperbolic jargon, and thoroughly by the contributors' scholarly expertise and hands-on archival research. JOURNAL OF ENGLISH AND GERMANIC PHILOLOGY
This carefully produced volume is a major contribution to Alain Chartier studies and also sheds light on many more general issues of interest to medievalists, such as the composition and transmission of manuscript collections; translations and adaptations and the new meanings they acquire in different locales and time periods; and the circulation and consumption of early printed books. CAHIERS DE RECHERCHES MÉDIÉVALES

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