Changing Perspectives on Early Modern Europe

The University of Rochester Press welcomes manuscripts in its series Changing Perspectives on Early Modern Europe, edited by James B. Collins, Professor of History at Georgetown University, and Mack P. Holt, Professor Emeritus of History at George Mason University. The editors are assisted by a panel of distinguished scholars from a variety of institutions.

Changing Perspectives on Early Modern Europe brings forward the latest research on Europe during the transformation from the medieval to the modern world. The series seeks to publish innovative scholarship on a full range of topical and geographic fields. Moving beyond the religious focus of some comparable series, Changing Perspectives includes monographs on cultural, economic, intellectual, political, religious, and social history. The editors are also interested in works that combine literary and historical perspectives. Chronologically, the series focuses on the period 1400–1789. Geographically, it includes Western Continental Europe, Central and East Central Europe, Mediterranean Europe, northern Europe, and European empires in their relations with the metropole.

To submit an appropriate project for consideration, please fill out the University of Rochester Press proposal form, available here, and return it to the series editors, Mack Holt and Jim Collins, with a copy to editorial director Sonia Kane. The form should be accompanied by the following:

1. A brief but detailed synopsis of the work, outlining its original contribution to the existing literature

2. An abstract of approximately 200 words, summarizing the work’s content

3. A table of contents and, if possible, one or two representative sample chapters

4. An updated CV for the author(s) or editor(s) of the volume

Series Editors

James B. Collins
Department of History
Georgetown University
[email protected]

Mack P. Holt
Department of History
George Mason University
[email protected]

Advisory Board

Marc C. Forster (Connecticut College), Karin Friedrich (University of Aberdeen, Scotland), Robert Frost (University of Aberdeen, Scotland), Martha Howell (Columbia University), Sara T. Nalle (William Paterson University), Denis Romano (Syracuse University)

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