Cathedral Shrines of Medieval England

July 1998
17 black and white, 19 line illustrations
288 pages
23.4x15.6 cm
ISBN: 9780851158082
Format: Paperback
Library eBook
Boydell Press
BISAC REL033000, ARC005000, HIS015000

Cathedral Shrines of Medieval England

Ben Nilson

First ever detailed study of lost medieval shrines in English cathedrals.
Almost all the great medieval shrines disappeared at the Reformation, yet for several centuries they were the outward and visible sign of the spiritual benefits believed to flow from proximity to the saint's body, and an important witness to the spiritual life of the middle ages. They were the focal point of prayer and pilgrimage, but also a critical economic factor in the life of the church.
This first study devoted to cathedral shrines draws on surviving cathedral records to describe their nature and development in England from around 1066 to 1540. The development of the shrine itself, the monument enclosing the saint's body, is followed, and the connections between the chapel around the shrine and changes in church architecture considered. Accounts of the cathedral clergy who built and managed the shrines, the pilgrims who visited them, and the fluctuating fortunes of the cathedrals which housed them complete the book.
BEN NILSON is College Professor at Okanagan University College, Canada.

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An important reference work for those turning to the details of saints cults, pilgrimage, or church life. MEDIUM AEVUM The first systematic study ... one that branches out into a variety of different kinds of history - religious, social and architectural. ...Extensive, detailed and thoughtful - open[s] up an important aspect of late medieval devotion. HISTORY This work should become a fundamental reference tool for any scholar investigating the complex ideas and forms of cathedral shrines of England. PEREGRINATIONS

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