The following guides are for use by existing, contracted Camden House authors. Please read over them closely.

This will walk you through the process of preparing your book for production and should help you to prioritize. If you have any questions, please contact your editorial team.

Camden House Author Guidelines

This guide aims to help you to prepare your text for the press and to describe the various stages in the publication process.

Camden House Indexing Guidelines

This guide is intended primarily for authors who, for the first time, need to index their own work; it also includes information on how indexes should be formatted and submitted to Camden House.

Alt Text Explained

In order for your book to meet global eBook accessibility standards alt text should accompany illustrations where possible. This guide explains the need for alt text and provides some examples.

Copyright Resources

The United States Copyright Office is an excellent resource for information on U.S. copyright law.

Permissions Requests

If you plan to include copyrighted material (text, images, poetry, music, etc.) in your manuscript, you must formally request permission from the rights holder. To do so, you may use this Author Permissions Request Form.


Our view is that the quality of a book’s production, and the materials used, should live up to the quality of the work it contains. Our books are fully copy-edited, and queries brought to the author’s attention; we retain the practice of putting notes on page; and design flexibly around each book’s particular needs and specifications.

Sales & Marketing

The information on the Author Marketing Brief is very important to our marketing team. We would be grateful if you could fill it out as completely as possible, including both the UK/World and North & South America sections and send it to our UK & US marketing teams. This is crucial to the ultimate success of your book. Please note that this is for use by existing, contracted Camden House authors.

Author Discounts

As one of our authors, you are entitled to purchase copies of your own and other Boydell & Brewer books at a discount, both in print and electronic format. Additionally, we offer you discount codes for your work that can be offered to friends, families and colleagues.

Change of Information Form

Please fill out this form if you are a current author and you need to change your name, pronouns, or contact information.