César Vallejo: Autógrafos olvidados

March 2002
52 black and white illustrations
192 pages
23.4x15.6 cm
Textos B
ISBN: 9781855660847
Format: Hardback
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César Vallejo: Autógrafos olvidados

Edited by Juan Fló, Stephen M. Hart

52 newly discovered handwritten manuscripts from 1937, alternating between Civil War verse and poems with a more personal orientation.
This edition prints in facsimile the fifty-two handwritten manuscripts by César Vallejo discovered recently in the Angel Rama archive, Montevideo. These manuscripts - which should not be confused with the typescripts which were published in Georgette's 1968 Francisco Moncloa edition - are a combination of early drafts of the majority of the dated poems of the Poemas humanos as well as a substantial number of the poems which would subsequently come together as España, aparta de mí este cáliz. These manuscripts show how, from early September until mid-December 1937, Vallejo was writing poetry at a frantic pace, alternating between his Civil War verse and those poems with a more personal orientation. For the first time scholars will be able to see for themselves the original handwritten drafts of Vallejo's posthumous poems, and compare them with the subsequent typewritten versions. The facsimile reproductions are accompanied by two essays by Juan Fló - one of which explains the circumstances leading to his discovery of the manuscripts, the other of which evaluates the originality of Vallejo's verse - and an essay by Stephen M Hart which analyses the various stages of composition evident in the poems, from early manuscript draft to final typescript version.

STEPHEN M. HART is Professor of Hispanic Studies, University College, London. JUAN FLO is Professor of Aesthetics at the Institute of Philosophy, Universidad de la República-Uruguay.

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