Boydell-Manohar brings first rate scholarship from and about India to a global audience. Launched in 2024, this imprint is a partnership between Boydell & Brewer and Indian academic publishing house Manohar Publishers and Distributors.

We are delighted to be launching our first titles in this co-publishing initiative. We’ve long admired Manohar Publishers and Distributors’ publishing. This partnership reinforces Boydell & Brewer’s commitment to increasing global diversity in our publishing.

Mark Kavanagh, Group Publishing Director, Boydell & Brewer

This marks a significant milestone in our commitment to delivering scholarly publishing at a Global level. The partnership with Boydell & Brewer brings together two dynamic forces, each renowned for its unique contributions to the Publishing sector.

Ajay Kumar Jain, Partner at Manohar Publishers and Distributors

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