Spring 2022 Trade list

In today’s post we unveil our exciting Trade list for Spring 2022. What’s a Trade list? Good question. Definition of a Trade book can vary but at heart it’s a title of (hopefully) wide appeal priced for the general market; in short, the books that make up the vast majority of any high street bookseller’s stock. So probably not the vast majority of our great academic titles. It’s a very different market but one in which B&B has always done well thanks to the brilliant books we get that can either begin life as Trade titles or which can eventually make a transition from academic to Trade in a new paperback binding. We are fortunate to enjoy the expert services of a team of sales reps who present our titles to booksellers both chain and independent across the UK.

That’s the background. Here are our bookshop contenders this spring:

The Cat Has Nine Lives

Hester Baer

The Cat Has Nine Lives was Germany’s first modern feminist film but because of financial problems it disappeared from view soon after its premier. Revived in 2019, the film re-merged into a world that was both very similar but also about to dramatically change thanks to the global #MeToo movement, giving it great significance and making it ripe for reappraisal. It’s a paperback original including 35 colour illustrations.

£14.99/$19.95, March, paperback
BLOG DISCOUNT: £9.74/$12.97

Coming Out

Kyle Frackman

Another first in German cinema: Coming Out was the first – and only – film produced by East Germany on the subject of homosexuality and as such is a landmark in the acceptance of gay culture in Germany. Perhaps symbolic of its lasting impact, the film premiered the very night that the Berlin Wall came down! It remains a popular selection at film festivals around the world.

£14.99/$19.95, March, paperback
BLOG DISCOUNT: £9.74/$12.97

The Secret War Between the Wars: MI5 in the 1920s and 1930s

Kevin Quinlan

It’s no secret that we publish the great History of British Intelligence series that also features The Spy Who Came in from the Co-Op and The Lawn Road Flats. Kevin Quinlan’s book finally makes its paperback debut and is a terrific read for anyone interested in espionage history, Britain between the world wars, and the hard details of how a state counters threats to its stability. Then it was Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany that were the main threats to Britain’s peace, with vocal representatives in the open and skilful operatives deep under cover. MI5 had to combat them both and had to learn fast. How did it adapt so quickly? How successful was it? And why are so many of its ‘tradecraft’ techniques still so relevant today?

£19.99/$26.95, April, paperback
BLOG DISCOUNT: £12.99/$17.52

Runes: A Handbook

Michael P. Barnes

One of our most popular books of the last ten years, we are delighted that Professor Barnes’ classic study now comes to paperback at £19.99/$26.95. It’s widely regarded as the definitive history of and guide to runes and runology, about which so much is so often misunderstood. Professor Barnes covers runes and runic writing from their inception to their final demise. Also included is a chapter explaining where examples can be found and viewed. What a lovely tour that would be once we can all travel again.

£19.99/$26.95, May, paperback
BLOG DISCOUNT: £12.99/$17.52

The Lost Country Houses of Norfolk: History, Archaeology and Myth

Tom Williamson, Ivan Ringwood & Sarah Spooner

Norfolk was once rich in grand country houses but very many have now been lost. The reasons are many and varied. Some, for example, were requisitioned by armed forces during the Second World War but left in such poor state that they were beyond repair. Here, through detailed accounts and 76 illustrations the great houses live again.

£21.99/$29.95, June, paperback
BLOG DISCOUNT: £14.29/$19.47

Stone Fidelity: Marriage and Emotion in Medieval Tomb Sculpture

Jessica Barker

First published less than two years ago, Jessica Barker’s book has enjoyed such praise and success that publishing an affordable paperback edition was an inevitable – and happy – decision. It’s a beautiful book, a unique guide to and reflection on the twin tomb or ‘joined-hand’ monuments of the Middle Ages. They are often lovely, poignant creations but, as the author explains, they project far more than just an image of a ‘happy couple’.

£25/$29.95, June, paperback
BLOG DISCOUNT: £16.25/$19.47

As ever, don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’d like to know more. If your choice isn’t yet available for pre-order you can either email us with your order or bookmark this page and check back in a month or two as most books can be pre-ordered three months ahead of publication.

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