International Women’s Day

Today, 8 March 2022, is International Women’s Day, a day that focuses thoughts, events and activities on the aim of a gender-equal world free of bias, stereotype and discrimination, and which celebrates women’s achievements.

We have a great list of titles of women’s history and literature across time, across subjects and around the world. Here we offer just a few highlights but you can view our special list here. All titles can be ordered with our special 35% blog discount using code BB897, but hurry because the offer ends 15 March.

Women & Peacebuilding in Africa

Edited by Ladan Affi, Liv Tønnessen & Aili Mari Tripp

A key book for conflict and peace studies, reveals the gendered nature of peacebuilding, its consequences, and the importance of women playing a part in peace processes in Africa.

£75/$130, HB, 2021, James Currey
BLOG PRICE: £48.75/$84.50

Georgina Weldon: The Fearless Life of a Victorian Celebrity

Joanna Martin

One of the most famous women in Victorian Britain, Georgina Weldon lived a thoroughly modern life. Talented, energetic, highly intelligent – and prodigiously litigious: she brought over 100 cases to court, often representing herself and once had 17 in progress simultaneously!

£30/$39.95, HB, 2021, Boydell Press
BLOG PRICE: £19.50/$25.96

A Life of Resistance: Ada Prospero Marchesini Gobetti (1902-1968)

Jomarie Alano

By the time Turin was liberated in April 1945, writer, translator, teacher, and women’s rights activist Ada Gobetti had been fighting fascism for almost twenty-five years. This biography, the first in English or Italian, frames her wartime activism in the Resistenza as a chapter in a lifetime of resistance. 

£75/$90, HB, 2017, University of Rochester Press
BLOG PRICE: £48.75/$58.50

Marguerite de Navarre: A Critical Companion

Emily Butterworth

A new exploration of the complexities and resolutions at play in the writings of Marguerite de Navarre, Renaissance princess, diplomat, and mystical poet, offering insights into how her work reflected the turbulence, uncertainties, and assurances of her historical period.

£60/$99, HB, 2022, D.S. Brewer
BLOG PRICE: £39/$64.35

The Silent Muse
The Memoirs of Asta Nielsen

Asta Nielsen, edited & translated by Julie K. Allen

Translated into English for the first time, the enthralling memoirs of one of the greatest film stars of the silent era, Asta Nielsen. After she left her native Denmark, Nielsen found huge success in Germany’s film industry, then a powerhouse of innovation and creativity. Her 1921 film, Hamlet, in which she plays the lead role, is a stunning reimagining of Shakespeare’s great tragedy.

£75/$99, HB, 2022, Camden House
BLOG PRICE: £48.75/$64.35

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