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Which language do you think is the most popular among our foreign sales rights? Within the next weeks, Boydell & Brewer will share photographs and texts about many of our books which have been translated into other languages. These books include several of our imprints and span across subject areas including politics, medieval, companion guides, culture, economics, religion; from a range of authors.

Boydell & Brewer publishes books over many subjects with focus on different areas of worldwide interest. With excellent distribution partners, Boydell & Brewer are able to reach most markets with the English language, which is a language understood in many other countries. The opportunity to reach a wider market with a translation license offers the chance for Boydell & Brewer authors to have their content accessed by non-English speakers and also often in a locally affordable format with licensed foreign language paperbacks.

Italian translation of Richard Barber and Anne Riches, A Dictionary of Fabulous Beasts.

Upon selling a foreign language license, Boydell & Brewer considers the sales territory, print run and local price of the foreign language edition. An advance payment against an agreed sales royalty share is how a foreign language license is sold. It is the obligation of the licensee to clear permission for all third-party content and to arrange for their own translators and editorial services such as proofreading.

Recent enquiries for rights have been for Korean, Spanish, Turkish, Chinese, Slovak, Arabic, Japanese and Hebrew language rights. Boydell & Brewer also have a precedent in selling rights in Dutch, Polish, Italian, Portuguese and French languages. Usually, contact is made directly from the interested Publishing house but often a rights agency makes contact as an intermediary on behalf of a Publishing house.

This process refers to the business practice of selling rights rather than buying rights. This is also separate to the practice of selling foreign territory licenses which allow for the English language version of a book for local sale or as an agreement to sell an alternative format, such as a paperback edition as a co-edition.

If you would like to find out more about our foreign rights or if you are a publisher looking to buy foreign rights from our publications, please contact Rachel Reeder, Rights and Contracts Executive, at [email protected]. You can also find more information on our rights and permission page. Please note that Camden House and University of Rochester Press publications queries are handled by our US office.

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