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Kyiv as Regime City

The Return of Soviet Power after Nazi Occupation
by Martin J. Blackwell

Well-written, accessible to scholars and general readers alike, with a balanced, logical structure, advancing compelling arguments substantiated by the wealth of archival sources, the book is a welcome addition to the historiography of the postwar Soviet Union.” AB IMPERIO

How the Soviet Union reestablished power in a changed Kyiv following the retreat of Nazi forces, consolidating its regime as it headed into the Cold War.

Imperialism & Development

The East African Groundnut Scheme and its Legacy
by Nicholas Westcott

This is a ripping good read. […] Nicholas Westcott is well qualified to spin this particular yarn with wit and academic aplomb.” TANZANIAN AFFAIRS

A compelling exploration of one of the most ill-advised and calamitous interventions in colonial development history.

Robin Hood: Legend and Reality

by David Crook

This is more than just a detailed survey; it is an overview of the entire culture of Robin and who he might have been…This book is a delight.” INTERNATIONAL TIMES

Detailed research into documentary sources offers an exciting new identification of the “real” Robin Hood.

Scandal and Survival in Nineteenth-Century Scotland

The Life of Jane Cumming
by Frances B. Singh

A pacy highly readable and detailed account of the fascinating life of a young Indian-Scottish woman.” HISTORY SCOTLAND

Uncovers the life of Jane Cumming, who scandalized her contemporaries with tales of sexual deviancy but also defied cultural norms, standing up to male authority figures and showing resilience.

The Struggle for Land and Justice in Kenya

by Ambreena Manji

The book makes several important contributions to scholarship on land politics in Kenya.” CANADIAN JOURNAL OF AFRICAN STUDIES

Finalist for the African Studies Association’s 2021 Best Book Prize.
Explores the limits of law in changing unequal land relations in Kenya.

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