More New Releases this November 2022

The Memoirs of Ceija Stojka, Child Survivor of the Romani Holocaust

by Ceija Stojka
Edited and translated by Lorely E. French

First English translation of the memoirs of Austrian Romani Holocaust survivor, writer, visual artist, musician, and activist Ceija Stojka (1933-2013), along with poems, an interview, historical photos, and reproductions of her artworks.

32 color, 10 b/w illus.; 300pp
£85 / $99
Blog Price: £55.25 / $64.35

Imagining Ecuador

Crisis, Transnationalism and Contemporary Fiction
by Luis A. Medina Cordova

How are contemporary authors reimagining the idea of ‘Ecuador’ following the worst financial crisis in the nation’s history, and how do countries on the periphery of the global literary market challenge and enrich World Literature?
Winner of the 2020-21 AHGBI-Spanish Embassy Publication Prize

2 b/w illus.; 203pp
£75.00 / $115.00
Blog Price: £48.75 / $74.75

Reimagining the Gendered Nation

Citizenship and Human Rights in Postcolonial Kenya
by Christina Kenny

Explores the complex and intersecting dimensions of gender, ethnicity, and culture on women in the Global South, as well as the central roles of women in resisting colonial rule, and their foundational contributions to post-independence constitutional reform and nation building.

3 b/w illus.; 252pp
£65.00 / $95.00
Blog Price: £42.25 / $61.75

French Art Song

History of a New Music, 1870-1914
by Emily Kilpatrick

A ground-breaking study of the musical and literary priorities, professional practices and creative interactions that shaped one of the most adventurous artforms of the Belle Époque.

91 music ex., 14 b/w illus.; 468pp
£85 / $99
Blog Price: 55.25 / $64.35

Women Intellectuals and Leaders in the Middle Ages

Edited by Kathryn Kerby-Fulton, Katie Ann-Marie Bugyis and John Van Engen

Wide-ranging examination of women’s achievements in and influence on many aspects of medieval culture.

Women Intellectuals and Leaders in the Middle Ages is an impressive volume of essays that ranges across academic disciplines, countries, time periods, and sources in order to contribute to key debates about women’s history and role in intellectual life throughout the medieval period. The editors, Kathryn Kerby-Fulton, Katie Ann-Marie Bugyis, and John Van Engen, set out to “tak[e] early women intellectuals and leaders seriously,” as the title of Kerby-Fulton’s introduction puts it, and in this aim it absolutely succeeds.” Journal of British Studies

Now in paperback!

15 b/w illus.; 438pp
£29.99 / $39.95
Blog Price: £19.50 / $25.97

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