Books to Look out for in November 2022

Welcome to November! We are very excited to share some of our new releases this month, don’t forget about the special discount at the bottom!

Death and Disease in the Medieval and Early Modern World

Perspectives from across the Mediterranean and Beyond
Edited by Lori Jones and Nükhet Varlık

This collection highlights and nuances some of the recent critical advances in scholarship on death and disease, across and beyond the pre-modern Mediterranean world, Christian, Islamic and Jewish healing traditions.

14 colour, 13b/w illus.; 5 line drawings, 376pp
£75.00 / $115.00
Blog Price: £48.75 / $74.75

ALT 40

African Literature Comes of Age
Edited by Ernest N. Emenyonu

Explores and interrogates the many and diverse perspectives of the new frontiers of African literary studies.

£75.00 / $115.00
Blog Price: £48.75 / $74.75

Don’t forget about me

The Short Life of Gideon Klein, Composer and Pianist
by David Fligg

A most gifted musician of his generation, this book traces Gideon Klein’s short life through his music, his diaries and documents as well as the reminiscences of his friends and family.

57 b/w, 48 colour illus.; 322pp
£60.00 / $85.00
Blog Price: £39 / $55.25

Literatures of Alchemy in Medieval and Early Modern England

by Eoin Bentick

Explores the myriad ways in which alchemy was conceptualised by adepts and sceptics alike, from those with recourse to a fully functioning laboratory to those who did not know their pelican from their athanor!

5 b/w illus.; 228pp
£65.00 / $95.00
Blog Price: £42.25 / $61.75

The Noah Myth in Twenty-First-Century Cli-Fi Novels

Rewritings from a Drowning World
by Helen E. Mundler

Breaks new ground by both analyzing the literary qualities of four recent rewritings of the Noah myth and contextualizing their concern with climate change within the wider crises of the Anthropocene.

£50 / $60
Blog Price: £32.50 / $39

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