Books to Look Out for in June 2022

Looking for a new Boydell book this month? From the meticulously researched account of Weston Park to the development of disability studies in German-speaking Europe, we round up some of the books to put on your reading list this June. You can find our new paperback publications here. Until next time!

Weston Park

The House, the families and the influence
by Gareth Williams

The house and contents, with its thousand acre landscape park, was gifted to the nation in 1986 by Richard, 7th Earl of Bradford. Until then, the house had always passed by descent, and it had stood at the centre of an estate with a wide geographical spread.
Weston Park’s owners and staff had a pivotal role in the development of these places, whilst the family were involved in national affairs, in politics, the legal profession, and the military.
Meticulously researched and beautifully illustrated, this book seeks to tell the story of the house, its setting, extraordinary collections, and the influence that it has had on wider communities through the history of those who have owned and cared for it.

9781783276127, hardback, 2 maps, 1 family tree, 204 colour illus.
£40.00 / $60.00
Blog Price: £26 / $39

Disability in German-Speaking Europe

History, Memory, Culture
Edited by Linda Leskau, Tanja Nusser and Katherine Sorrels

Ableism remains the most socially acceptable form of intolerance, and yet, attitudes toward disability are also clearly in a process of transformation. This volume analyzes that transformation in German-speaking contexts, taking a close look at disability, understood as a “deviation” from what a non-disabled body should ostensibly be able to do and how it should look. Building on recent cultural studies approaches, the volume’s three sections bring together scholars from a variety of humanities and social science disciplines to analyze constructs of disability and ability in history, memory, and culture.

9781640141087, hardback, 4 illus.
£80.00 / $99.00
Blog Price: £52 / $64.35

Walking with Asafo in Ghana

An Ethnographic Account of Kormantse Bentsir Warrior Music
by Ama Oforiwaa Aduonum

What is Asafo music? How and when is it performed? What is the state of this warrior tradition that once served as the bedrock of Akan, Ewe, and Ga societies in Ghana? How does Asafo enact the past and serve as archives for the people? An attempt to answer these questions, Walking with Asafo in Ghana is a story the author tells about her walk with the ndwom (songs) of Asafo, warrior organizations of Kormantse and other Fante towns along the coast of Ghana who protected their lands against inside and outside aggressors.

9781648250446, paperback, 107 illus.
£25.00 / $29.95
Blog Price: £16.25 / $19.47

German Jews and the University, 1678-1848

by Monika Richarz
Translated by Joydeep Bagchee

For centuries, Jews in Germany were excluded from gentile society, and when German universities began to allow them to matriculate, many took the opportunity, particularly as a means of social assimilation. Monika Richarz’s classic study traces the Jewish encounter with the university, exploring both changes in the social structure of Jewish communities and the challenges faced by individual students. The book’s focus is the role of university education in acculturation to the German bourgeoisie. It also addresses the barring of Jewish graduates from most professions, and its consequences for the position of Jews in society.

9781640141155, hardback,
£95.00 / $125
Blog Price: £61.75 / $81.25

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