Books to Look out for in January 2023

Welcome to 2023! We are starting the New Year by listing some of Boydell & Brewer’s new releases. Enjoy this preview and find more new and forthcoming releases here. Don’t miss our special blog offer, 35% off on any of these titles!

Edward J. Dent

A Life of Words and Music
by Karen Arrandale

This first full biography of Edward J. Dent (1876-1957), Cambridge Professor of Music and foremost musicologist, tells the story of a remarkable man who played a crucial role in the formation of twentieth-century culture and cultural institutions.

9781783272051, hardcover, 562pp
24 b/w illus.
Offer Price: £39/$55.25

Kenya’s and Zambia’s Relations with China 1949-2019

by Jodie Yuzhou Sun

Examines the history of post-colonial Kenya’s and Zambia’s relations with the People’s Republic of China from ideological, political, economic and social perspectives.

9781847013392, hardcover, 260pp
2 maps, 10 b/w, 6 line illus., Eastern Africa Series
Offer Price: £42.25/$61.75

Charlemagne in Italy

Edited by Jane E. Everson

An exploration of the many depictions of Charlemagne in the Italian tradition of chivalric narratives in verse and prose.

9781843846710, hardcover, 408pp
5 b/w, 3 line illus., Bristol Studies in Medieval Cultures
Offer Price: £52/$74.75

A Companion to Spanish Environmental Cultural Studies

Edited by Luis I Prádanos

An exploration of how writers, artists, and filmmakers expose the costs and contest the assumptions of the Capitalocene era that guides readers through the rapidly developing field of Spanish environmental cultural studies.

9781855663695, hardcover, 346pp
23 b/w illus., Tamesis Companions
Offer Price: £52/$74.75

Mahler’s Nietzsche

Politics and Philosophy in the Wunderhorn Symphonies
by Leah Batstone

Examines how Nietzschean ideas influenced the composition of Mahler’s first four, so-called Wunderhorn, symphonies.

9781837650019, hardcover, 204pp
3 b/w, 43 line illus.,
Offer Price: £42.25/$61.75

State-building and National Militaries in Postcolonial West Africa

Decolonizing the Means of Coercion 1958–1974
by Riina Turtio

Explores the fundamental role of the military in state-building in francophone postcolonial West Africa and how foreign economic and military aid has influenced it.

This book is available as Open Access under the Creative Commons license CC-BY-NC. The open access version of this publication was funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation.

9781847013422, paperback, 372pp
20 b/w illus., Western Africa Series
Offer Price: £16.25/$24.02

Offer is non-transferable and subject to change without notice.

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