Books to look out for in December 2023

2023 is almost coming to an end…treat yourself and celebrate the upcoming new year with a new book! Don’t forget to claim our special 35% Proofed discount at the bottom of this post – you can use this offer on any of the following titles.

Frontiers and Boundaries in Medieval Europe
Edited by Dan Armstrong, Áron Kecskés, Charles C. Rozier and Leonie Hicks

Study of the Norman World’s borders, frontiers, and boundaries in Europe, shedding fresh light on their nature and extent. The Normans exerted great influence across Christendom and beyond in the eleventh and twelfth centuries. Figures like William the Conqueror and Robert Guiscard subdued vast territories, their feats recorded for posterity by chroniclers such as Orderic Vitalis and Geoffrey Malaterra. Through travel and conquest, the Normans encountered, created, and conceptualised many borders, with the areas of Europe that they ruled and most affected often being grouped together as the “Norman World”.

Book jacket image: Borders and the Norman World

Verdi and the Art of Italian Opera

Conventions and Creativity by Steven Huebner Translated by Steven Huebner

Verdi’s art emerged from a rich array of dramatic and musical practices operative in the Italy of his day. Drawing the reader into his creative world, this study (translated from the French original by the author himself) begins where Verdi began when it came time to set notes to paper: the libretto. Designed for the non-Italophone reader, Steven Huebner’s Verdi and the Art of Italian Opera explains key principles of Italian poetry that shaped his music. From there, Huebner outlines the various musical textures available to the composer, including an exploration of the characteristics of recitative and aria. 

Book jacket image: Verdi and the Art of Italian Opera

by Gustav Djupsjöbacka

This is the first book to discuss the complete solo art songs of Jean Sibelius and to locate them in their musical, literary and artistic context. The book is organized around the poets Sibelius set to music and the literary themes associated with them, thus providing invaluable information for the scholar, student and performer. The musical and aesthetic contextualisation of the songs will help to enable new interpretations on the performance stage.

Book jacket image: The Songs of Jean Sibelius

by Seth Peabody

From its beginnings, some of German film’s most prominent genres and directors have focused on the natural world and its transformations by humans. Heimat films, “city symphonies,” mountain films, and rubble films all blend the boundary between landscape documentary and fiction film. Yet German film studies has been slow to adopt an environmental focus, concentrating (understandably) on its subject matter’s political implications. This book reveals critical connections between German film, sociopolitical context, and environment, showing it to have been a creative catalyst for the social and ecological transformation of the Anthropocene.

Book jacket image: Film History for the Anthropocene

by Arata Ide

We know next to nothing about the life of the playwright Christopher Marlowe (b.1564 – d. 1593). Few documents survive other than his birth record in the parish register, a handful of legal cases in court records, Privy Council mandates and reports to the Council, the coroner’s examination of his death, and a few hearsay accounts of his atheism. By observing the details of the specific places and communities to which Marlowe belonged, this book highlights the collective experiences and concerns of the social groups and communities with which we know he was personally and financially involved.

Book jacket image: Localizing Christopher Marlowe

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