The Hundred Years War

To mark the publication of Michael P. Warner’s The Agincourt Campaign of 1415: The Retinues of the Dukes of Clarence and Gloucester, we thought we’d take the opportunity to look at some of our many Hundred Years War titles old, new and forthcoming.

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The Agincourt Campaign of 1415

The Retinues of the Dukes of Clarence and Gloucester

Michael P. Warner

The retinues of King Henry V’s brothers, Thomas, duke of Clarence, and Humphrey, duke of Gloucester, were the largest in the army of 1415 and numbered, respectively, 960 and 800 men, most of whose names are known from their complete surviving muster rolls. Using this crucial information, and by employing information from a wide range of sources, the lives of many of these men can be reconstructed. The book considers issues such as where they came from in 1415, their previous military, career and personal experiences, and whether they had pre-existing ties with either their ducal commander, sub-retinue captain or comrades.

£60/$99, 9781783276363, 258pp, HB, 2021
Blog price: £39/$64.35

Henry of Lancaster’s Expedition to Aquitaine, 1345-1346

Military Service and Professionalism in the Hundred Years War

Nicholas A. Gribit

Making its paperback debut in October, Nicholas Gribit’s book is the first to study the campaign of Henry Grosmont (soon to be made Henry, 1st Duke of Lancaster) in Aquitaine in the early years of the war. His victories at Bergerac and Auberoche were the first decisive wins by either side and helped pave the way for the much-better-remembered Battle of Crécy. Why was Henry so successful, who were the men of his army, and why are their successes so overlooked?

£25/$34.95, 9781783276431, 392pp, PB, 2021
Blog price: £16.25/$22.72

The Hundred Years War in Literature, 1337-1600

Joanna Bellis

An acclaimed analysis of texts narrating the Hundred Years War, from contemporary accounts to the sixteenth century.

Fascinating…. Sophisticated in approach and language, and exceptionally wide-ranging. TIMES LITERARY SUPPLEMENT

A fascinating, clever, deeply suggestive, and elegantly written monograph on an important and unjustly neglected topic…[D]eserves to be recognized as a major, lasting contribution. SPECULUM

£70/$120, 9781843844280, 312pp, HB, 2016
Blog price: £45.50/$78

The Battle of Crécy, 1346

Andrew Ayton & Sir Philip Preston

The first ever large-scale study of Crécy and its context, bringing out its true importance in English and French history. With additional contributions from Françoise Autrand, Christophe Piel, Michael Prestwich, and Bertrand Schnerb.

Essays of very high quality. […] A very fine, scholarly study and eminently readable book which deserves great authority as a study of Crécy. HISTORY

£19.99/$25.95, 9781843833062, 408pp, PB, 2007
Blog price: £12.99/$16.87

In the Steps of the Black Prince

The Road to Poitiers, 1355-1356

Peter Hoskins

The author has retraced on foot the routes taken by the Black Prince during the French campaigns of 1355-1356, enabling him to provide an entirely new dimension to the events.

Hoskins’s attention to detail brings the fourteenth-century chevauchées to life, allowing tantalising glimpses into the social and physical aspects at play among the men. This is an enjoyable and informative work. PARERGON

£16.99/$24.95, 9781843838746, 274pp, PB, 2016
Blog price: £11.04/$16.22

The Black Prince and the Grande Chevauchée of 1355

Mollie M. Madden

A detailed account and analysis of a major event of the Hundred Years War, stressing the logistical efforts behind the fighting.

A landmark study . . . built on intensive use of the available sources and a clear, well-reasoned and ultimately persuasive thesis. DE RE MILITARI

£60/$99, 9781783273560, 262pp, HB, 2018
Blog price: £39/$64.35

The True Chronicles of Jean le Bel, 1290 – 1360

Translated by Nigel Bryant

The first English translation of one of the most important sources for the beginning of the Hundred Years’ War. 

A book much to be welcomed, especially for teachers and students of medieval warfare and politics. FRENCH HISTORY

£17.99/$24.95, 9781783270224, PB, 2015
Blog price: £11.69/$16.22

The Battle of Agincourt

Sources and Interpretations

Anne Curry

Anne Curry’s classic collection of English and French narrative accounts and literary sources.

An outstanding addition to Boydell’s valuable Warfare in History series.. Provides a masterclass in the handling of chronicles and government records. WAR IN HISTORY

£25/$34.95, 9781843835110, PB, 2009
Blog price: £16.25/$22.72

All are available with your blog discount: 35% with code BB897

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