Crusading in Context

The crusading movement was a defining feature of the history of Europe, the Mediterranean and the Near East during the central and later Middle Ages. Ideas and practices associated with it touched the lives of people within and beyond Christendom and the Islamicate world, regardless whether they were ever directly engaged in, witnesses to, or victims of acts of crusading violence themselves.

Our Crusading in Context series, series editor Dr William J. Purkis, aims to situate the medieval experience of the crusades and crusading societies in the broader social, cultural and intellectual contexts of the Middle Ages as a whole. Chronologically, its scope extends from the eleventh to the sixteenth century, and contributions from a range of disciplines are encouraged. Monographs and edited collections are both welcome; critical editions and translations of medieval texts will also be considered.

The series opened with Marcus Bull’s acclaimed Eyewitness and Crusade Narrative in 2018 but by June we will have published another three volumes this year alone, plus the paperback edition of Eyewitness…. Exciting times in Crusade studies! For manuscript submission information please see the series page at

Eyewitness and Crusade Narrative

Perception and Narration in Accounts of the Second, Third and Fourth Crusades

Marcus Bull

The first volume of the series, a discussion of what we mean when we label a historical source as “eyewitness”, using as case studies histories about the Second, Third and Fourth Crusades, all of which were written by people caught up in the events they describe. A paperback edition will be published this June.

An undoubted academic tour de force. SPECULUM (Andrew Buck, University College Dublin)

This richly interdisciplinary book should benefit anyone teaching or researching historiography, memory, literature, or the crusades. SEHEPUNKTE

Baldric of Bourgueil: “History of the Jerusalemites”

A Translation of the Historia Ierosolimitana

Translated by Susan B. Edgington
Introduction by Steven J. Biddlecombe

Just published, this is the first translation of Baldric’s Historia Ierosolimitana, a spirited account of the First Crusade, into modern English.

The Miraculous and the Writing of Crusade Narrative

Beth C. Spacey

This will be the first comprehensive study of miracles in Crusade narrative, showing how and why they were deployed by their authors. To be published in March.

The Bible and Crusade Narrative in the Twelfth Century

Katherine Allen Smith

Coming in June, this is a new investigation into the twelfth-century accounts of the First Crusade, showing their complex relationship with the Bible.

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