Meet the Icons of the Luso-Hispanic World!

In today’s blog post, we introduce to you our Icons of the Luso-Hispanic World series. From activists, politicians, scientists, musicians and many more – this world is full of inspirational figures and this series covers it all! Below we have some of our Tamesis authors speaking about their featured Icons. Also don’t miss out on our promo code for 60% off – displayed at the end of the blog post!

Mario Higa – Machado de Assis

Author Mario Higa talks about his icon, Machado De Assis and the importance of his work in Latin American Literature. Higa emphasises the little recognition Machado has outside of Brazil and he hopes to carry his legacy further into the global landscape through his book, Machado de Assis.

Federico Bonaddio – Federico García Lorca

Federico Bonaddio, author of Federico García Lorca reveals how Federico’s work captivated him from the very moment he had first discovered and read his poetry.

Susan Hurley-Glowa – Cesária Évora

Want to learn more about the exciting Cape Verdean singer, Cesária Évora? Uncover the interesting life of “The Barefoot Diva” in this upcoming Icon Series book! Susan Hurley-Glowa takes us on a journey to discover how the international singing icon overcame social and personal-life barriers to become a star.

Niamh Thornton – María Félix

Have you heard of the Mexican film star who captivated the hearts of many? Over the years, María Félix gained great attention. However, author Niamh Thornton believes the female icon is widely underappreciated by critics. Check out Thornton’s book, María Félix, where you can discover what makes Félix a true star!

Emilie L. Bergmann – Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz

Author Emilie L. Bergmann introduces Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, a Mexican poet nicknamed the “Tenth Muse”. When she wasn’t writing sonnets, she was advocating for women’s right to learn and create. She was hailed as the “First Feminist of the Americas”. Author Emilie L Bergmann reveals Cruz’ story in her upcoming book!

Tomás Straka – Bolívar, and the birth of a new world

This is not just another Simon Bolívar biography. Unlike past biographies showing only half the picture, author Tomas Straka dives deeper. Uncovering new historical insights to paint a complete picture of the Libertador in his upcoming book “Bolívar, and the birth of a new world”.

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