An Interview with Radek Janoušek our Rep in Central Europe

Boydell is proud to have our list handled by teams of expert representatives around the world. They know exactly where to show our new publications and we know they do our books and our authors a great service. Let’s learn a little more about them and their work…

Introducing: Radek Janoušek

Where are you based and which territories do you cover?
Based in Prague and delightedly looking after Central and Eastern Europe

How did you get into repping?
I met the right people at the right time:) Repping since 1996

And how long have you been looking after the Boydell list?
Eleven years with Marek Lewinson and the second year on my own now

Who are your main clients?
My main clients are my best friends. Library suppliers big and small.

Before the Coronavirus, how often and how widely did you travel? Is there such a thing as an average day for you?
Oh good old days when I could travel with my van in my territory and listening to audio books, meeting people….  Usually around 100 days a year. Now locked already the 10th months:( There is no average day, because my territory and my clients will always find something new for me.

Do you have a favourite city to work in?
Every city where I can meet people

What’s the most unusual thing you’ve encountered in your work?
My lovely wife and our three kids 🙂

Boydell volumes aside, which is your favourite book or author?
Rochester Studies in East and Central Europe, because I can push it to my customers 🙂

Print or ebook?
Print for ever

Favourite historical figure?
Michael Richards

Who would play you in the film of your life?
Rowan Atkinson

What’s top of your 2021 to-do list?
Travel again, but in the meantime prepare fresh list of key 2021 titles for my booksellers

Thank you for taking part!

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