An Interview with Jean-Marc Evans our Rep in the South of England

Boydell is proud to have our list handled by teams of expert representatives at home and around the world. They know exactly where to show our new publications and we know they do our books and our authors a great service. Let’s learn a little more about them and their work…

Introducing: Jean-Marc Evans

Where are you based and which territories do you cover?
I am based in London although the company is based in Oxford.

How did you get into repping?
I was a bookseller for a while then went into repping from there.

And how long have you been looking after the Boydell list?
We have been looking after the Boydell list for just over four years.

Who are your main clients?
Blackwells, Heffers, Foyles (now part of Waterstones), London Review of Books, John Sandoe, Topping & Co, South Kensington Books, Kensington Chimes, Schott Music, Gardners.

Before the Coronavirus, how often and how widely did you travel? Is there such a thing as an average day for you?
My area is the south of England, everything south of Norwich and Bristol. Days can vary considerably depending on where I am, but I try and get at least four appointments in a day.

Do you have a favourite city to work in?
Not really. Going to different places every day is part of the enjoyment of the job and they all have their good and bad points.

What’s the most unusual thing you’ve encountered in your work?
Too many to choose but an example could be the art buyer who hadn’t heard of Chagall or the military history buyer who hadn’t heard of Rommel, another one who hadn’t heard of the Battle of the Little Big Horn. I had a particular bizarre encounter with a Waterstones assistant manager but too long a story to recount here.

Boydell volumes aside, which is your favourite book or author?
The Bible

Print or ebook?
Print, without a doubt!

Favourite historical figure?
Thomas Moore

Who would play you in the film of your life?
Marilyn Monroe

What’s top of your 2021 to-do list?
Burn all masks and hug everybody.

Thank you for taking part!

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