Black Star

June 2007
240 pages
21.6x13.8 cm
ISBN: 9781847010100
Format: Paperback
James Currey

Black Star

A View of the Life and Times of Kwame Nkrumah

Basil Davidson

'Basil Davidson's Black Star remains one of the most thoughtful and insightful views into the life and times of Kwame Nkrumah (1909-1972)'.- Emmanuel Akyeampong, from the book's new Foreword
Prime Minister Kwame Nkrumah seized opportunities to lead the countries of sub-Saharan Africa away from colonialism. In 1957, he became the first Prime Minister of Ghana. By the time he was overthrown in a coup in 1966 most African countries, outside the settler-dominated South, had also achieved independence.
' As a visionary Nkrumah was ahead of his times, with an astute understanding of colonialism that made the twin goals of socialism at home (Ghana) and African unity the abiding principles of his work and life.... Nkrumah's monumental role and place in modern Ghana's history mystifies him as a national hero; Black Star humanizes Nkrumah in important ways, and the reader gains a new understanding of a great man, but still a man.' - From the new Foreword by Emmanuel Kwaku Akyeampong, Professor of History, Harvard University

Keywords: African Studies


None of the biographies and other writings on Nkrumah are as eloquent, detailed and critical yet balanced as Basil Davidson's Black Star. [It] is indeed one of the most insightful assessments of the life and political role of a visionary who was far ahead of his time. [...] In this reader-friendly, thought-provoking book, Davidson deals very comprehensively with the life of a truly African revolutionary. [It] will no doubt remain a veritable goldmine of useful information for anyone interested in the life and times of this great African son of the twentieth century. AFRICAN HISTORICAL REVIEW