Black African Literature in English 1997-1999

September 2003
496 pages
23.4x15.6 cm
ISBN: 9780852555750
Format: Hardback
James Currey

Black African Literature in English 1997-1999

Bernth Lindfors

This volume lists the work produced on anglophone black African literature between 1997 and 1999.
This bibliographic work is a continuation of the highly acclaimed earlier volumes compiled by Bernth Lindfors. Containing about 10,000 entries, some of which are annotated to identify the authors discussed, it covers books, periodical articles, papers in edited collections and selective coverage of other relevant sources.
Keywords: African Studies


... how does he do it? The breadth of coverage is unparalleled. As a tool in the field of African literary studies, it is indispensable, as an exercise in organization and what is termed "bibliographical control" it is breathtaking... Making the pre-eminent bibliographical resource in African literary studies available electronically is perhaps, a dream. I would not want to give up the print version, for it really is a resource where browsing pays off often in unexpected and most delightful ways, and despite the quibbles, there is no better resource available, not one I would trust more. - Mark L. Lilleleht in AFRICA TODAY
... the sixth in the series of this magisterial work, which began publication in 1979... is, like the rest, an immensely valuable reference tool. - Mar ion Wallace in FOCUS
True to form, Lindfors has produced a text suited to all levels of research, containing items to delight the curious browser and items for undergraduates and the professional scholar. - Stephanie Newell in AFRICAN RESEARCH & DOCUMENTATION
From reviews of earlier volumes in the series:
This excellent work will aid literary research on all levels and be an invaluable addition to any collection supporting work in African and world literature. - G. Walsh in CHOICE
So comprehensive is this volume, so enriched by forays into holdings in Africa and by the support of students, scholars, writers and critics around the world, that anyone wanting to do any work of substance on contemporary Black African Literature in English will simply have to get access to it. - James Gibbs in WEST AFRICA
... the book is handsomely produced ... It is the consummate working tool for researchers, scholars, teachers and students in the field. RESEARCH IN AFRICAN LITERATURES
... one of the most valuable tools for research in the field of African studies. MATATU
This title is essential for any reference collection in African studies ... far ahead of any imaginable rival... covers an extraordinary range of commentary. AFRICAN STUDIES REVIEW
As interest in African literature increases among both undergraduates and graduate students, Lindfors' compilations become increasingly essential. This supplement and its predecessors are invaluable reference tools that belong in collections supporting work in African or world literature. - D.L. Easterbrook, Northwestern University in CHOICE

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