The Rewriting of Romantic Lives in Contemporary Fiction and Drama

Edited by Martin Middeke, Werner Huber

A pioneering collection of articles on fictionalized biographies of the Romantics in contemporary fiction and drama.
It appears that the lives of the British Romantics and the myths surrounding them have a special appeal for contemporary writers.The present volume sets out to explore this renewed interest in Romantic artist-figures in the context of the current renaissance of 'life-writing'. The essays collected here deal with Romantic 'biofictions' by such authors as Peter Ackroyd, Adrian Mitchell, Ann Jellicoe, Liz Lochhead, Judith Chernaik, Amanda Prantera, Robert Nye, Tom Stoppard, Howard Brenton, Edward Bond, and others. Thomas Chatterton, William Blake, James Hogg, Sir Walter Scott, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Mary Shelley, John Polidori, John Clare, and -- most prominently -- Lord Byron feature as the 'biographical subjects' in the works discussed.

Table of Contents

Introduction - Martin Middeke
An Intertextual Quest for Thomas Chatterton: The Deconstruction of the Romantic Cult of Originality and the Paradoxes of Life-Writing in Peter Ackroyd's Fictional Metabiography Chattertonin Peter Ackroyd's Fictional Metabiography Chattert - Ansgar Nuenning
Dangerous Enthusiasm: The Appropriation of William Blake in Adrian Mitchell's Tyger - Bernhard Reitz
Auld Acquaintance: New Lives of Scott and Hogg - Jill Rubenstein
Ann Jellicoe's and Howard Brenton's Shelley - Uwe Boeker
The Dramatist as Reader: Liz Lochhead's Play Blood and Ice - Silvia Mergenthal
The Truth of Fiction -- The Fiction of Truth: Judith Chernaik's Mab's Daughters - Beate Neumeier
"The Life We Imagine": Byron's and Polidori's Memoirs as Character Construction - Annegret Maack
In Arcadia Nemo: The Pastoral of Romanticism - Peter Paul Schnierer
"A Playful Desire of Imitation": The Ghost Stories at Diodati and A Single Summer With L.B. - Frances Wilson
Poetry and Cyberpunk: Science Fiction and Romantic Biography - Christine Kenyon Jones
Elemental, My Dear Clare: The Case of the Missing Poet - Christopher Innes
(Co-author: Sid Sondergard) Biodepictions of Mary Shelley: The Romantic Woman Artist as Mother of Monsters - Ramona Ralston


'This collection brings together a wide range of appraoches to a topic of much current interest. It is recommended not only for students of contemporary British Literature, but also for those interested in the posthumous cultural reverberations of the Romantic poets....' ENGLISH STUDIES

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