Bernarr Rainbow on Music

October 2010
1 colour, 43 black and white, 17 line illustrations
426 pages
23.4x15.6 cm
Classic Texts in Music Education
ISBN: 9781843835929
Format: Hardback
Boydell Press
BISAC BIO007000, BIO026000

Bernarr Rainbow on Music

Memoirs and Selected Writings

Edited by Peter Dickinson

A memoir by the renowned historian of music education, Bernarr Rainbow, including a selection of his writings and a biographical introduction by Peter Dickinson.
Bernarr Rainbow's [1914-1998] Memoirs written in the last year or two of his life offers a fascinating read about the life of the man who became the leading historian of music education. The book answers questions about how his life and work developed and how he came to establish the Bernarr Rainbow Trust before he died in 1998. The collection will also bring together Rainbow's writings published in various magazines, some of very limited circulation. The notes by Peter Dickinson cover Rainbow's earlier life and career, from archival material including press cuttings and including areas he does not cover in his memoirs. There are introductions by Gordon Cox and Charles Plummeridge.

PETER DICKINSON, the composer and pianist, is emeritus professor, University of Keele and University of London. He has written or edited several books about twentieth-century music, including Copland Connotations [2002], The Music of Lennox Berkeley [2003], CageTalk [2006], and the more recent Lord Berners and Samuel Barber Remembered.

Table of Contents

Introductions by Gordon Cox and Charles Plummeridge
Part I: A Salute to Life
Part II: John Curwen A Short Critical Biography
That Great Dust-Heap called 'History' [1992]
Historical Research [1992]
Count Leo Tolstory: Music Teacher [1980]
The Land with Music: Reality and Myth in Music Education [1988]
The French Revolution and Music Teaching: A Bicentennial Review [1989]
An Excellency in Musick [1957]
The Glass Harmonicon Rediscovered [1974]
The Miseries of Musick Masters [1986]
The Rise of Popular Music Education in Nineteenth-Century England [1986]
Plato and Music Today [1981]
Onward from Butler: School Music [1985] with a postscript by Walter Heise
Freedom and its Price [1989]
Some New Music Teaching Devices from France [1961]
Curwen, Kodaly and the Future [1979]
An Ear for Music [1980]
The New Curwen Method: A Partnership of Ear, Eye and Voice [1988]
Sol-Fa as an Ethnic Link [1982]
The Kodaly Concept and its Pedigree [1990]
Cheironomy [1979]
Victorian Street Music [1998]
The English Promenade Concert [1995-6]
Thomas Helmore and the Anglican Plainsong Revival [1959]
Notes from Two French Organ Lofts [1961]
William Dyce [1964]
Walmisley's Psychedelic Magnificat [1980]
The Hymn-Singing American [1982]
Charity Children: Singing for their Supper [1984]
John Jebb [1805-86] and the Choral Service [1986]
In Quires and Places Where They Sing: Some Historical Aspects of Anglican Church Music [1995]
Review: R.M. Wilson, Anglican Chant and Chanting in England, Scotland and America, 1660-1820 [1998]


Bernarr Rainbow [...] was an important figure in English musical life, and it has been well worth while assembling this tribute to his work. [...] the most enjoyable part of this book [...] is 'A Salute to Life', the memoir that Rainbow began to write shortly before he died [...] a real page-turner. REVIEW OF ENGLISH STUDIES

[R]eveals the dazzling breadth of Rainbow's scholarship and capacity to ring bells of relevance to our here-and-now dilemma about music education. [...] Beautifully written, this is a book to savour. MUSIC TEACHER

The volume celebrates and honors the life and contributions of Bernarr Rainbow in a manner that reflects his unique and honored place in the history of music and music education in Britain, and in the world of music education history at large. By the magnificent structure and aesthetic appearance of the book, a well as the care that was taken to contextualize Rainbow's writings, the general editor, Peter Dickinson, and Charles Plummeridge and Gordon Cox have produced an important work, one that deserves close examination and wide recognition by scholars of music education. JOURNAL OF HISTORICAL RESEARCH IN MUSIC EDUCATION

Always worth watching is the comprehensive music list of the Suffolk-based book publisher, Boydell & Brewer. Among its autumn 2010 releases is Bernarr Rainbow on Music, the latest example of the company's devotion to the country's pioneer scholar and researcher in the history of music education. ... [T]he new book is a collection of Rainbow's writings which reflect not only his work in music education, but the full breadth of his musical interests: as such, its appeal will be to musicians at large. CHOIR & ORGAN

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