Basic and Applied High Pressure Biology

April 1994
60 line illustrations
304 pages
22x15 in
ISBN: 9781878822253
Format: Hardback
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University of Rochester Press

Basic and Applied High Pressure Biology

Edited by Peter B. Bennett, Robert E. Marquis

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Papers on high pressure biology, now making important advances in biological and medical industries, including food.
High pressure biology has matured over the century since the pioneering investigations of A. Certes and P. Regnard on organisms dredged from the deep ocean. Basic work continues on whole organisms, organ systems,cells and subcellular systems and is now benefiting greatly from advances in molecular biology. Applied aspects of the subject include the growing field of hyperbaric medicine, based in large part on past work in diving physiology, and the expanding use of pressure in biological and medical industries including the food industry. The papers in this book derive from the 3rd International Meeting on High Pressure Biology which was designed to bring together a diverse group of investigators with interests ranging from molecular pressure responses to medical applications of hyperbaric oxygen.

The book has the following sections: (1) Cellular and Molecular Biology, i.Cellular Responses to Pressure, ii.Molecular Responses to Pressure; (2) Pressure Effects on Animals and Animal Systems, i.Nervous System, ii.Systems Other than the Nervous System; (3) Applications of Pressure Biology, i.Applied Research and Development ii. Toxic and Beneficial Effects of Oxygen

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