What does the Marketing Department do?

From our offices in the US & UK, we promote about 200 new books each year. We follow your book from the proposal stage through its publication, working behind the scenes with sales teams around the globe to ensure that your book is prepared for release. By the time you meet us, we have been working on your book for several months! Here are some of the things we do before and after publication:


We review and maintain the book’s metadata in our database. This feeds into the major sales channels listed below, letting them know your book exists, providing all its details, and making it available for purchase.

•  The Boydell & Brewer website

•  Trade bibliographic services such as Nielsen Book Data

•  Booksellers’ bibliographies: Waterstone’s, Blackwell’s, Ingram, Baker & Taylor, etc.

•  Online booksellers: Amazon, Bookshop.org, the Book Depository, etc.

•  Our global network of distributors 

We continuously update our database with praise quotes from reviews, which also feed into those sales channels.

We ensure that Google Book Search provides a limited preview of our titles, excluding reference works.


Our website is our storefront, where we …

maintain a dedicated product page for each book.

curate all of the related titles on each product page.

run web promotions, special offers, and large and small sales throughout the year.

create and update informational pages as well as subject and imprint pages.

maintain a repository of subject catalogues, leaflets, and back issues of our e-newsletters.

run an active blog that receives around 2,500 visits per month.

Email Campaigns

Each month, we send subject-based email campaigns to mailing lists of librarians and individual scholars who have subscribed.

New titles appropriate for course adoption are promoted 2-3 times a year through our email lists, and we maintain a course adoption section on our website.

Subscribers receive notifications about conferences, special events, and sales.

Our email newsletters reach between 2,000-4,000 subscribers.

Social Media

New book announcements, news, reviews, sales offers, conference offers, and a variety of other content is posted to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with tailored graphics.

We engage with those authors who make use of social media.

The Boydell & Brewer Twitter account is not our only one! We also maintain accounts focused on music, African Studies, and German Studies.

Promotional Material

In addition to attending the London and Frankfurt Book Fairs, we create catalogues and announcements for both.

Several subject-based catalogues are produced annually, available in print and online.

For targeted marketing, we create subject-specific leaflets.

Authors are welcome to request discount flyers for their book.

For books with more general interest, we create a biannual Trade catalogue, as well as Advance Information sheets, which are presented to sales teams in the UK and US.

We purchase advertising space in journals and trade publications where appropriate.

Academic Contacts

Learned societies, special interest groups, and other bodies receive special offers where appropriate.

We tailor review copy lists for each title and maintain relationships with journals and other publications.

Sales Teams

Because we are represented globally by a network of experienced sales agents, we can reach any market relevant to us.

Each book gets its own Advance Information sheet. These are provided to library suppliers, wholesalers, booksellers, reviewers, sales teams, etc., and are essential for ensuring sales.

Books with wider appeal will be presented to booksellers in the UK by the Casemate sales team. Academic books are presented to library suppliers worldwide.

Conference Presence

We exhibit at several conferences per year in the US and UK, as well as many more conferences that we maintain a presence at through third-party exhibitors. This involves both practical arrangements and the creation of marketing material. See the Conferences section of this document for further details.

Please note that, though we make a conscientious effort, we cannot guarantee that books from individual societies and client presses are excluded from particular activities.