Promoting Your Book: A Checklist for Authors

To enhance our own efforts on your behalf, we encourage you to use these tips to spread the word within your field. Please email [email protected] with any questions.

Top Priorities!

1. Be sure to fill out your marketing brief! If you haven’t, you can find it here. When it’s complete, send it to us at [email protected]

2. If you use Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram for professional purposes, share a photo of your new book along with your discount code. Tag us so we can share it, too!


Twitter (all subjects): @boydellbrewer

Twitter (music): @boydellmusic

Twitter (African Studies): @Boydell_Africa

Twitter (German Studies): @CamdenHseBooks


3. Use our Library Recommendation Form to urge your present and past institutions to purchase your book—it makes a difference!

4. Contribute to our newsletters or blog!

How to increase your book’s visibility

o  Add your book’s title to your email signature, and link to its product page on our website. If you’d like to include the cover image, we’ll be happy to provide it upon request.

o  Make sure your book is listed on your faculty web page, and link to its product page on our website.

o  If you have an account with websites such as or, list the book among your publications.

How to spread the word

o  If you are part of any online academic communities or listservs, send a new book notification.

o  Do you belong to any academic organizations? Tell them about your new book and feel free to include your discount code!

o  Do these organizations have a blog or newsletter? Offer to write a guest post or article. (This should be different from any contributions to Boydell’s blog and newsletters.)

o  Alert your alumni organizations; they will often include a notice in their class notes, magazine, or newsletter.

How to promote at conferences

o  If you’re attending a conference, especially if there’s a panel on your book, request a discount flyer for your title that you can hand out. (Please give us three weeks’ notice before your departure date!)

o  If we have a booth at a conference you’re attending, come say hello and we’ll put a photo on social media (with your permission).


o  Send us reviews of your book. (If you see a quote from that review on our website, rest assured that we have it on file.)

o  Encourage your network of friends, colleagues, and peers to write a positive review on Amazon. Unless a book has at least three five-star reviews, Amazon won’t allow it to be included in certain promotions.

Subject-specific tips

o  Historians: Post a notice on an appropriate H-Net list

o Historians: Send an essay that summarizes the book’s argument to the History News Network

o  African Studies Association members: Submit the news of your newly-published book to the Member News Submission Form

o   American Academy of Religion members: Submit a short piece for Religious Studies News

o   Scholars of Slavic & East European Languages and Literatures: post a new book announcement to SEELANGS
(you do not need to be a member)

o   Do you live in Australia or New Zealand? Ask us how to get a commission on your book sales through Booktopia