Gratis Copies

Author Gratis Copies

Authors may receive gratis copies of their work as stipulated in their contract. If you have recently moved, please make sure your we have your current address before your book publishes. Please be aware that some author copies may be crossing an ocean to reach you, and may require additional shipping time.

If you are concerned that there may be a problem with your gratis copies, please email [email protected]

Review Copies

We reserve a certain number of gratis copies to send out for review. Where we send the books depends on what the author has suggested, our own lists of potential review publications, and whether or not the journal is responsive to our inquiries. We make every effort to provide either a hard copy or digital copy to any reputable publication that would like to review the book.

If you would like to request that a particular journal receives a review copy, please list it in your Marketing Brief. If you have already turned in your Marketing Brief, please email [email protected].

If a reviews editor at a journal asks you about a review copy, please direct them to make their request directly to us through our Review Copy Request Form.

To avoid duplicating efforts, do not send books to any reviewers yourself.

We do not send review copies to individuals who do not yet have an agreement with a journal to publish a review, with rare exceptions. Requests should come through the journal’s editorial staff.

We do not provide PDFs for review copies, as there is no way of making them secure from copyright infringement.

We regularly add praise quotes from reviews to our database, which feeds to our website, Amazon, and other important sales and information channels. Many journals send us their reviews upon publication, but not all, and not always in a timely manner. You are welcome to send us any reviews you see, preferably in PDF format. Please make sure the journal name and volume number are included.

Due to the volume of the reviews we receive, we are not able to regularly distribute reviews to authors.

Please note that it frequently takes 2-5 years for academic journals to publish reviews.

Gratis Copies for Conferences, Panel Discussions, etc.

As previously noted in this document, we are not able to guarantee unlimited gratis hard copies. If your book is slated to be the subject of a conference panel, lecture, or another event, please contact us early in the planning stages. We are not able to offer gratis copies, but can usually provide free ebooks. If ebooks are not available, or you prefer hard copies, we are happy to offer a 50% discount.

Award Submissions

We ask that authors arrange award submissions. If your book is available in ebook format and the judges will accept ebooks, we will provide a promo code so that they can download the ebook from our website free of charge. We do not provide PDFs, as there is no way of making them secure from copyright infringement.

We provide hard copies at a 75% discount plus shipping (non-returnable) for award submission purposes. To start the process, please fill out our online Award Submission Form.

Upon submission, your request will be sent to customer service. They will contact you for your payment information, and then place your order.