Frequently Asked Questions

Where are my gratis author copies?

For this and other ordering questions, please email [email protected]

Will you provide me with discount flyers?

We are happy to provide a discount leaflet in PDF, or mail hard copies upon request. Please give us three weeks’ notice.

Is an ebook version of my book available?

If an ePub or ePDF of your book is available, it will show as a purchasing option on our website. Check Amazon to see whether your book is available for Kindle users. Ebooks take time to create and distribute, and may not be available on the same publication date as the print book.

What about Amazon and Google?

Your book will be made available through Amazon. Academic titles often are not significantly discounted on Amazon; we do not control the discount. Readers can generally get a better price by purchasing through our website using the promo code we provide to you.

Due to the nature of how Amazon works with suppliers, there are limitations to what we are able to influence. We cannot change where your book appears in search results, what “related titles” appear alongside your book, or how much Amazon discounts the book. While we can usually correct errors in data, the amount of time it takes can be unpredictable. We do not offer special formatting (use of bold, italics, bullet points, etc.) on Amazon because the nature of data feeds means it will be repeatedly overwritten. We do our best to work with Amazon and Google within the framework they provide.

How can I request a PDF of my contributed chapter?

For these and other editorial questions, please email your editorial contact.

Will my book come out in paperback?

How do I add to my review copy list after I’ve turned in my Marketing Brief?

How do I request printed discount flyers to distribute at a conference or other event?

Could you promote my book talk on social media?

For these and other marketing questions, please email [email protected]