Contribute to our Newsletter and Blog

An advantage of publishing with Boydell & Brewer is our dedication to maintaining an active blog and two popular e-newsletters. These publications serve multiple purposes:

• They provide authors with an opportunity to discuss their background, writing and research experiences, how the book came to be, anything additional they’d like to say about their topic, their current project, and more!

• They invite potential readers to go beyond the blurb and engage with the book’s content and its author.

• They give us content to promote on social media, to enhance the offerings of your book’s product page on our website, and to provide to sales agents­—all of which broadens the reach of your scholarship.

We welcome your contribution!

Proofed: Boydell & Brewer’s Blog

Our blog, Proofed, receives about 2,500 visits per month!

Blog posts tend to be 500-750 words and are written in informal (rather than academic) language. Authors, editors, and contributors in all subject areas are welcome to write a guest post. Most blog post writers tend to highlight an interesting aspect of their book, research, or writing process: how they researched it, what were the most interesting or surprising findings, and what they hope readers will take from the work.

The first 30 words of your post will serve as the preview text when the post is automatically sent to subscribers, so we recommend a compelling first sentence!

Please give your blog post a title that is different from the title of your book, to give readers a sense of what your post focuses on.

Your blog post will mention your book at the end, provide a link for purchasing, and offer a discount.

We will advertise your post on social media and a link to the blog will be added to your book’s product page.

Newsletters: the Medieval Herald and the African Griot

Boydell & Brewer produces two e-newsletters: the Medieval Herald, focusing on medieval studies, and the African Griot, focusing on African studies.

Newsletter articles are 1,000-1,500 words. Each issue features 5-6 interviews in which scholars discuss their background, influences, methods of research, and the main ideas to be found in their new books. Like blog posts, the style is informal, but there is more room here to expand and give readers a deeper idea of what they’ll learn from your book.

Typical interview questions have covered these topics: how the author came to focus on this subject, what inspired the book, how they went about researching it, what surprises they uncovered along the way, an overview of their conclusions, what they’d like readers to take away from their work, and perhaps an idea of their future research plans.

Your newsletter article will provide a link to your book’s web page for purchasing, and offer a discount.

The Medieval Herald is distributed by email to 4,500+ subscribers; the African Griot to 2,000+ subscribers.

Back issues of each newsletter are made available on our website when each new issue comes out.

How do I contribute?

Contact us at [email protected] for further details.