Book Launches and Events – UK & the Rest of the World

Although the economics of specialist, academic publishing do not allow for launch parties, Boydell & Brewer Ltd is delighted to support authors and editors wishing to organize their own events.


Authors may use their 50% author discount to purchase books for launches. Postage charges apply. Please do not over-order, but count on sales of about 25% of confirmed attendance. Keep in mind that virtual events tend to have a lower number of actual attendees than registrants.

Please allow 8 weeks for your order. Due to ever increasing print and shipping costs and times as well as potential customs delay if outside of the UK or the US, we need to give our distributors plenty of time to fulfil the order.

You don’t need to pay for your books in advance: we will give you up to a maximum of 500* £/$/€ credit and 30 days from the end of the month of your order in which to pay. Unsold copies can be returned (see below) so you will only pay for those you have either sold or decided to keep.

Orders for events occurring in the UK and worldwide (excluding North & South America) should be placed with our distributor, John Wiley & Sons Ltd. Please call Boydell Customer Services Representative on 01243 843291 email [email protected] and let customer service know that it is for a launch/author event on the terms outlined above.

*for orders over £500 please contact [email protected]

Selling Books

You may sell the books you have purchased for whatever price you wish, though we recommend offering a discount. If you request discount leaflets to distribute at your event, we can match discounts up to 20% for paperbacks and 35% for hardcovers.

Do not collect credit card information, as it is subject to strict privacy regulation. Payment should be provided to you only through cash, cheque, or other secure means.

Returning Unsold Books

Once the event is over please contact our Boydell Customer Services Representative on 01243 843291 or email: [email protected] to confirm how many copies of the book were sold and to arrange collection of unsold books.

When returning books, they are to be in mint condition, so please make sure that there are no dents, scuff marks, dirty marks, ripped jackets (if applicable), or other flaws, as you will be charged and the books will not be returned to you.

Our Customer Services Representative will arrange collection of the parcels at a convenient time to you.  Books are to be securely packed using the original packing material (where possible) and write the invoice number on the outside of the box(es). Please remember to include the original invoice in the parcel so the warehouse is able to raise the necessary credit note against your account. They are to be clearly labelled with John Wiley & Sons Limited, Returns Department, New Era Estate, Bognor Regis, West Sussex, PO22 9NQ. 

Marketing Material

We can provide copies of the catalogue in which your book appears, a special offer flyer and a hi-res image of your book’s cover, upon request.

Please contact our Business Services Coordinator at [email protected] to make requests.

Please Note

Please do not give away copies for review unless agreed in advance with Marketing, as it may duplicate our efforts.